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The characteristics of car LED display wall panels
  The car LED display uses LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low temperature technology, antistatic technology, anti-interference technology, and vehicle electronic technology to display information products on mobile vehicles. It is different from a normal LED display installed in a fixed location. The reason is car and advertising.
    Car features:
    1) The car is always moving, and it requires high stability and reliability of electronic products.
   2) The power supply on the car is powered by a battery. When the car starts, brakes or stops, it will generate a high pulse voltage. If the power system is not good, it will burn the display.
The characteristics of car LED display wall panels
    3) Cars in the North are generally placed outdoors. Winter temperatures may reach -40 ° C, summer temperatures may reach 60 ° C, which requires power and display components to work at wide temperatures.
    4) The car is prone to static electricity during operation, especially in the fall, the electrostatic high voltage can reach several thousand volts, if there is no good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage the IC and LED lights.
    5) Appropriate brightness, if the brightness of the LED display is not enough, it will not be visible during the day, and the meaning of installing the display will be lost; if it is too bright, it will affect the driving.
   6) LED attenuation characteristics, LED brightness is attenuated, with 10-70% attenuation rate in one year, half-year brightness is reduced by half in poor quality, making it impossible to see the display content.
    7) Others have appearance dimensions and the like.
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