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Factors affecting the quality and longevity of LED display screens
Customers need to choose a good large screen, first of all must choose a good light tube, durable, adaptability. In the selection of the screen, we must also comprehensively observe and analyze, and make the correct judgment based on the above factors. In addition, clear your own needs, budget and expected best results, more rational allocation of resources, to avoid unnecessary waste, loss and hidden dangers. Defining the demand for the project and the future development plan, the factory is required to provide the best implementation plan, even the project's expandable functions and budget and plan to avoid unnecessary waste of resources due to the project's unsuitability for future development needs. Provide or require the LED video panel manufacturer to analyze the project installation and application environment, predict the incidents and propose preventive and corrective measures, and then make a comprehensive assessment of the entire project plan;
First, only pay attention to well-known LEDs and ICs. In fact, they are more demanding on the conditions of use of the environment. At room temperature of about 25 ° C, the working mechanism is the best. But in fact, a large outdoor screen will be used in different temperature environments, summer may be above 60 °C, winter may be below -20 °C. LED and IC work efficiency and performance are inconsistent, the brightness is inconsistent, and the screen body naturally changes. Under different temperature conditions, the red, green and blue lamps have different brightness attenuation and decrease. At 25 °C, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ° C, the brightness of the three colors of LEDs are normal. It has decreased, and its attenuation value is inconsistent, so it will cause the brightness of the whole screen to drop and color cast, and the quality of the whole screen will decrease. And what about IC? The IC's operating temperature range is from -40 ° C to 85 ° C. Because the outside temperature is too high, the temperature inside the box rises. If the temperature inside the box exceeds 85 °C, the IC will be unstable due to excessive temperature, or the temperature drift will be different and the current between the channels or the difference between the sheets will be too large. Lead to the flower screen.
Factors affecting the quality and longevity of LED display screens
Second, the reasonable design of the cabinet is also very important for the display screen. On the one hand, it is the circuit protection function, on the other hand, it is a safety function, and at the same time, it has dustproof and waterproof effects. But more importantly, the design of the thermal circuit system for ventilation and heat dissipation is good. As the startup time increases and the external temperature increases, the thermal drift of the components also increases, resulting in poor image quality.
Third, the reliable power supply is also very important, because the power supply under different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage value and load capacity will also be different, because it is responsible for logistics support, so its support ability is direct Affect the quality of the screen. 
Different LED production processes, screen assembly processes, and installation technology experience will directly affect the construction period, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost of the entire project. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and compare products from manufacturers or in various aspects beforehand. And the performance characteristics of all aspects of the project, choose the program that best suits your needs, understand the strength, integrity, service content and quality of the manufacturer. These are the basis and guarantee for the project to be good and long-term cooperation.
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