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The basic structure of the LED display control system
The LED display industry has received more and more attention as the salvation point of the future market. The application of LED display screens has become more and more extensive, and it is everywhere in everyday life. The continuous improvement of LED display technology has made the display effect more vivid and colorful, and the large and clear display is more and more difficult to describe with shock!
The basic structure of the LED display control system
Through the shocking display screen, the LED display control system is deeply understood. The signal source, control system and display screen body are composed of three parts: the signal source basically supports all input signals, including captioning machine, video recorder, TV, Camera, DVD player, PC, etc. signal input device; control system completes signal access, transformation, processing, transmission, imaging control, etc.; display screen body is to pass the signal source signal through the control system Display, text, graphics, video plus audio and other external devices to bring people a perfect display!
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