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High quality folding led display/moving led panelled video wall indoor p4 led display
P4 electronic screen uses the packaging method for SMD surface mount 2121 lamp beads (black light full color) three-in-one, mainly composed of red, green and blue colors; one square meter has 62,500 pixel points, the point between each pixel The distance is 4mm; the scanning method is 16 sweeps, the power consumption per square meter is about 500 watts per square meter, the new mask is set, the color mixing is more uniform, the high-density pixels make the picture quality clearer and the angle of view is wider; P4 indoor full color LED The display screen quotes adopt the direct marketing policy, the manufacturers directly sell, install and after-sale protection, the quotation is more affordable, and the size can be customized.
The color is rich: the indoor P4 full-color LED display screen is composed of three primary colors (red, green, blue), and the red, green and blue 256 gray levels constitute 16,777,216 colors, which make the LED display complete. Dynamic picture with rich color, high saturation, high resolution and high frequency of appearance;
  High quality folding led display/moving led panelled video wall indoor p4 led display
High resolution: Indoor P4 full color display screen can perfectly display high-definition picture quality and delicate color, which can be compared with LCD to a certain extent.
High brightness: P4 indoor display screen uses ultra-high brightness LED, the distance is still clearly visible;
Excellent material selection: Indoor P4 display screen uses imported illuminating data, high-quality IC chip, no-noise high-power power supply; the whole screen has no fan planning, no noise, low power consumption, and can be used at 0°C~55°C temperature scale.
Good effect: P4LED indoor display screen uses nonlinear proofreading skills, the picture is clearer and the layering is stronger;
Strong reliability: P4 indoor LED display screen uses distributed scanning skills and modular planning skills, with higher reliability and stability;
Fine picture quality: non-linear proofreading skills, the picture is delicate and clear; animation plays a vivid and diverse role; video plays a role in circulation and expressiveness.
Long service life: P4 indoor full color display screen uses high-quality light-emitting components to display the base material of the screen and selects its own patented circuit board plan, which fundamentally ensures the service life of the product.
High flatness: the flatness coefficient of the LED module and the module is <0.5mm, and the power factor is as high as 88% or more;
Compatible with Asynchronous: Indoor P4LED display screen can support synchronous control card and asynchronous control card together; even in the case of malfunction of the control computer, it can still be broadcast normally.
Repair convenience: P4 indoor LED display screen adopts modular planning, which makes installation and protection more convenient and can be repaired with electricity;
Seamless splicing: indoor P4LED display screen kit planning to control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, can be made into a pleasant shape according to the needs of users, assembling and disassembling, easy to repair;
Voltage regulation: Because LED shows the particularity of the screen industry, it requires changing the operating current of the LED lamp after adjusting the power supply voltage under certain conditions, then changing the brightness of the LED, and then 4.2-5V power supply in the energy saving scheme planning, Low power consumption, energy saving 20%
No pattern constraint: Regarding the pattern, the user can freely compose the presentation mode; the text, picture, chart, picture, animation, video information can be displayed; and the amount of information displayed is not restricted;
Convenient operation: The universal video broadcast software is selected to make the system setting operation very convenient.
Installation of steel structural structure: indoor P4 full color display screen is a lightweight steel frame, some of the corresponding beam and column use chemical riveted bolt riveted steel plate as the supporting structure, showing the screen steel structure and the riveted steel plate
Variety of shapes: can be made into rectangular, square, curved, round and other custom planning shapes
P4 indoor full color LED display screen product strengths:
1. LEDP4 display screen uses nonlinear proofing skills, the picture plays delicate and clear; animation plays vivid and diverse; video plays circulation, expressive, no bright spots, no flower screen, no dead point, high brightness, low light decay, long life and good quality.
2. Indoor full-color LED display screen P4 system is stable and reliable, strong anti-interference ability, continuous operation for more than 72 hours, humanized planning of control system software operation interface, easy to operate.
3.P4 indoor full-color display screen manufacturing materials to products, the whole process of controllability from research and development to production, into the security of product quality;
4.P4 full color LED unit board module splicing seam: unit board gap splicing joints are common, and ≤1mm
5.P4LED full color screen adopts standardized standard equipment, and the same standard equipment and parts in the system can be exchanged freely.
Indoor P4 full color LED display screen application scale:
P4 indoor LED full color display screen is widely used in large-scale advertising, finance, railway, civil aviation, stadiums, hotels, halls, cinemas, stations, ports, hospitals, stages, studios, banquet halls, tax, shopping malls, monitoring matters, Wedding, meeting room, wedding
P4 indoor full color LED display screen material standard and skill parameter list:
Brand: Rui Ling Radio and Television
Product model: indoor P4 full color LED display screen
Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module
LED packaging method: surface mount smd2121 (black light full color)
Pixel distance: 4mm
Pixel light point color: 1R1G1B
Pixel density: 62,500 points / square
P4 indoor LED display screen installation method: floor type, inlaid, hanging type, bracket type, support type, pillar type
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