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Features of LED video display wall technology
(1) Clear picture
    According to people's visual characteristics and LED display screen characteristics, the company's advanced nonlinear scanning technology (γ correction) is used to make the various levels of the display image fully reflected, and the subtle changes are clearly presented, greatly improving the picture quality for fewer pixels. This technology is especially important for displays.
    The non-linear differential display technology, that is, the step difference in the bottom luminance region is small, the number of stages is increased, and the step difference is gradually increased to the high-luminance region, resulting in a "level difference consistency" in visual effects, so that a better visual effect is obtained.
Features of LED video display wall technology
(2) Good compatibility
    It is compatible with the SVGA mode in the computer and can be connected to a variety of video devices.
(3) The computer image is displayed on the same screen, the screen mapping position is adjustable, and professional control software is used.
(4) High grayscale technology
    The LED display panel has been well received in the industry for its high gray level and fine picture. In the "LED display detection method" has broken through the technological frontier of IOBIT technology, and is advancing to a higher field.
(5) Constant current noise reduction technology
    The LED display driver chip adopts the 5902 system introduced by the internationally advanced American TI company, which is the leader in the field of full-color LED display. The company combined with its chip characteristics, and cooperated with TI to form a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the impact of other noise sources such as power supply on the LED display is reduced to a minimum.
(6) Brightness adjustment technology
    In order to adapt to different weathers and make the display achieve the best display effect, the LED electronic display has specially designed a 32-level automatic and manual adjustment device. Ensure that the entire LED display can achieve the best display in various environments.
(7) Strong convection heat removal system
   When the LED display is working, the heat generated by the screen body is high. In order to ensure that the entire display system is running in a stable state, our company has thoroughly studied the display cooling system, considering all the flowing airflow, researching a strong The convection heat removal system makes the system more stable and reliable.
8) Media networking
    With the advent of the information age, the company has fully launched the media networked system solution. The company has adopted the LED display system as a network terminal to form a standardized interface, which can directly access standard video signals, audio signals, and other network equipment. , strong compatibility.
(9) Complete power distribution system
◆The power distribution system has remote control function
◆With power indication function
◆ With a variety of protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, power failure, etc., can automatically handle various emergency situations.
◆It has the function of timing automatic switch screen, which can realize unattended, multi-output and delay power-on.
◆Intelligent power supply can realize automatic opening and closing of the fan, automatic protection of overheating, and automatic recovery without human maintenance.
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