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Indoor outdoor Video Display LED Panels from top China factory manufacturer
LED (Light Emitting Diode) electronic display is a large display system integrating microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing. With its unique advantages such as large screen, super-visual and flexible display, it has become a widely used display system in the world. It is an epoch-making product of information dissemination facilities. According to the light emission wavelength, it can be roughly classified into a visible light LED and an infrared LED. Visible light LEDs are widely used in automobiles and communications because of their low power consumption, long life, low heat generation, monochromatic illumination, fast reaction rate, good mechanical properties of collision-resistant machines, and small size, which are different from traditional photoelectric new products. Products, information new products, consumer new products, loyalty and large-scale information display. Infrared LEDs also have the characteristics of visible light, but their wavelengths are in the invisible range. They are mainly used in remote control, wireless communication, optical fiber communication, sensing, and automatic control.
Indoor outdoor Video Display LED Panels from top China factory manufacturer
LED electronic display system is a brand-new high-tech advertising notice propaganda media. Since its introduction in mainland China in the late 1980s, it has been able to display graphic data and display video images with its high quality, low price and low power consumption. The functions of clear picture, colorful, flexible display and other functions are rapidly promoted and applied in various industries. ,
After years of development, rental LED display development and production technology has become mature and stable, and the quality of new products has been greatly improved. It is a mature new product. At present, there are many new types of LED display products. Mainly: strip screen, graphic screen monochrome, double primary color, full color electronic dot matrix display and LED digital display. Among the above-mentioned new product categories, full-color electronic dot matrix display has become one of the mainstream products, and other new product types have been more and more widely used.
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