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LED electronic display basic-HDMI hd video huge big advertising led tv wall led display screen led
1, luminous tube
    The most important part of the illuminating tube is the selection of the illuminating tube in the illuminating tube. At present, the manufacturers of the medium and high-grade illuminating tube dies mainly include the Japanese company, Toyota, the United States, the company, the Hewlett-Packard Company, the German company. Siemens, Taiwan's Guolian Company, Dingyuan Company and Guanglei Company, among which *** US and European companies mainly produce pure blue pure green light-emitting dies, while Taiwanese companies mainly produce red-green tube dies. From the current practical application and red-green color matching, one red and four green, the red tube uses four elements of red, and the green tube uses three elements of green, and the red tube is recommended for the use of the tube. Core Taiwan National League's 712SOL, green tube die using Taiwan's Ding Yuan company's 113YGU. The use and matching of such a die is currently a higher configuration of the dual-primary indoor display. In addition, there are 2 red and 1 pure green configuration. (outdoor two-color)
LED electronic display basic-HDMI hd video huge big advertising led tv wall led display screen led
2, integrated components
    The photoelectric drive circuit receives the digital signal transmitted from the computer to the distribution card, drives the light and dark of the illuminator, and forms the text or graphics we need. The quality of the illuminator is reliable and stable, which directly determines whether the illuminator can work normally. From the point of view of the operation of the screen, the failure rate appears most in the optoelectronic driving part, because the quality of the selected integrated IC device directly determines the quality of the optoelectronic driving part. The general-purpose chip used in the outdoor display is currently paired with the 4953 and HC595. In the outdoor display of Qingtai Foreign Language Power Plant, we recommend a dedicated driver chip, the 6B series 595 produced by Texas, USA, which has twice the driving current of the general-purpose chip, and has the functions of latching and driving.
3, the power supply
    The power supply requirements of our company guarantee that the fault is less than 1% in 5 years, that is, the fault is less than 0.02% per year. The quality of the power supply is in the screening of its components and the quality control of the power supply manufacturer. There are many brands, such as Changzhou Chuanglian, Sida, Shanghai Hengfu, etc. The main import is Taiwan Mingwei. These products have been used by our company. From the actual use, domestic power supply Changzhou Sida The power supply has good stability, long service life, and the power supply brand is relatively loud. This display uses our 3C certified power supply.
4. Production process and construction process
    The process of the system is mainly the welding process and the installation process. For the welding process, the display system has as many as 100,000 solder joints. One solder joint can cause at least one pixel tube to be off, so the soldering process is very important. We use the current advanced wave soldering, the whole soldering process. All are done by equipment to avoid manual errors.
    If the outdoor display screen, the installation process of the screen body is put forward higher requirements, that is, the overall structure of the screen body is required to resist the Taiwan, waterproof and high temperature. This is due to the long working hours of the system, the large power consumption and the relatively harsh outdoor working environment. The screen body is required to have certain functions of preventing high temperature, dust and fog. When the display area is more than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use double support. When the display area is less than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use single support. The display is installed on the second door of the power plant and has a natural support. The overall structure of the display screen is made of steel, and the façade is covered with Taiwan's auspicious industrial aluminum-plastic panel. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the display structure, it is recommended that the design and construction of the structure be completed by enterprises with professional construction qualifications.
5, production process
5.1 "three defenses" processing of power supply and circuit board
    The outdoor electronic display is in the open air environment for a long time, and the sea is located along the coast. Therefore, the circuit printed board, power supply, solder joints, etc. are required to resist water mist and corrosion. Our company comprehensively carries out "three-proof" treatment on circuit printed boards, components and solder joints in outdoor electronic display systems, adopts military technology, and carries out three-proof treatment according to the "three-defense" standard of naval ship-borne radar. Our company is Enterprises in the province who are actually dealing with “three defenses” according to military standards. As we all know, the "three-proof" material is very important for the "three-proof" effect of the display. Its special ratio makes the display can withstand the test of harsh conditions. Our company adopts the military-level production process. Immersion prevents the components of the display from reliably passing through the three defenses. Our company believes that for the display system, which has a long service life, poor use environment and a large number of components, in order to ensure the reliability of the display, it is necessary to strictly control the three defenses of the display. Invasion prevention process. In addition, the use of current-carrying welding technology, objectively eliminate the damage of the rosin left in the manual solder to the three defenses, to achieve a true full "three defense" process.
5.2 The overall structure is resistant to Taiwan, waterproof and high temperature
    The all-weather working environment requires the outdoor screen to have a waterproof function, so the screen must select the unit box structure, and each box is a separate unit. The box material is made of 1.5 cold-rolled sheets and the surface is black phosphatized.
    Haining is located in a typhoon-prone area. The display screen wall per square meter has to withstand a frontal pressure of 80kg/m2 when the typhoon is 12, and the steel frame of the display is calculated according to the typhoon of 12 or above, and gives a certain margin.
    The outdoor electronic display screen has a large area, the system has a long working time, the power consumption is large, and the working environment is relatively bad. The screen body is required to have a certain function of preventing high temperature, dust, and fog.
    Our company installs a number of axial fans according to the size of the screen, which can keep the air convection in the screen, reduce the temperature and purify.
    The steel structure is folded on the four sides of the whole steel structure, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water droplets. The surface decoration adopts Taiwan auspicious double-sided plastic aluminum plate, and the color selection is coordinated with the surrounding environment.
    To ensure the flatness of the screen surface and the installation clearance, our company uses numerical control equipment for the box processing, and the frame design is commissioned by Hangzhou Light Textile Design Institute. The framework is commissioned by Hangzhou CLP 12 Bureau to ensure the overall structural reliability, safety and beauty. Sex.
    Cabinet size: 704 × 352 × 150mm
5.3 lightning protection grounding
    The electronic components in the electronic display are highly integrated, and their sensitivity to interference is also increasing. Lightning can damage the display system in a variety of ways. In general, it directly concentrates the screen and then vents it to the ground via a grounding device. Causes mechanical, electrical, and thermal damage at the point where lightning current passes. The solution is an equipotential bonding, that is, a metal casing that is not grounded or not well grounded, the metal sheath of the cable, and the metal frame in the display screen are connected to the grounding device to prevent lightning from entering the ground due to high voltage or grounding devices on these objects. The high potential transmission causes a counterattack to the internal insulation of the equipment and the cable core. A lightning arrester is added to the large display system, and the lightning arrester can reduce the overvoltage appearing on the device during the counterattack and limit the lightning intruding wave.
6, editing system and playback system software
    The overall requirement of the system software is to provide a simple and interactive program production/playback environment. The implementation adopts a hierarchical and modular design method with good reliability and expandability.
    The software system includes supporting environment, computer graphics display or multimedia program playing software, special effects software, multimedia database and other parts, the following describes the function and performance separately.
   Supporting environment
   The supporting environment includes three parts: operating system, Chinese environment and device driver:
   Operating system: Windows series
   Chinese environment: Using advanced TrueType fonts, there are nearly one hundred fonts, the fonts are steplessly enlarged, and there is no jaggedness or distortion.
   Hardware driver software: Under Windows, the system supports application software operations in the form of a dynamic link library.
Second, computer graphics display software
    The computer graphic display software can display various characters and images on the screen in a lively form and has the following characteristics:
  Rich display
    Dynamic, static display modes such as moving, rolling, flashing, anti-white, blinds, and zooming make monotonous text and images more attractive.
  Powerful editing
    Text can be input by different input methods such as keyboard, mouse, and scanner. Information such as images can be enlarged, reduced, and copied on the input image and text. Editing processing such as mirroring can also use video signals as an input type.
  2D/3D animation software
    Animation is one of the most convincing and influential presentations of computers in led advertising display and promotion. The main software for animation is Autodesk's Animator·pro (2D) and 3D-studio (3D). The package has a convenient interface, a rich material library, a shape library and advanced rendering technology to produce high-quality 3D animations, making advertising ideas a realistic reality.
Third, program control and playback software (online version)
    The program playing software is a multimedia application software that should be fully copyrighted. It works closely with large-screen applications to provide consistent support for various media objects such as sound, animation, text, video, etc., and has a good human-machine interface, which is publicity and news production. A powerful tool that is rare.
The software should have the following characteristics:
    a. Automatically install each low-level driver module, support peripheral multimedia cards, sound card, modem and other devices, support VGA synchronization, support sound and image synchronization output.
    b. Multiple instances of the software can run simultaneously, that is, there can be multiple insertion windows (in the current hardware condition, only one video window can be an active window, and the others are non-video ports).
    c. The size of the video window can be adjusted steplessly, and the image is not deformed. This feature is especially important for large LED screens, because the number of rows and columns of the user's screen is usually smaller than the full screen of the TV.
    d. Full support for NTSC, PAL, etc., and recognized by software, no manual adjustment is required, and no additional decoder is needed.
    e. The video image can be captured, and the obtained image can be subjected to various processing (filtering, smoothing, sharpening, color grading, etc.) and then stored or printed out.
    f. The new forms of performance are superimposed one by one. In multimedia technology, VGA images and videos can appear on the screen at the same time. First, the effect of subtitles can be produced. TV and video programs are the background, and scrolling occurs on the screen. Move, flicker and other text and image display effects; Secondly, you can superimpose 2D/3D animation and video to achieve the effect of performing similar to real characters and cartoon characters.
    g. Sound effects, in the current PC animation, generally no sound, in order to make the system more expressive, the playback software supports sound and 2D / 3D animation synchronization output, so that there can be dialogue between the characters, can be explained when the performance word. Background music, etc.
    h. The full control of the playback process is similar to that of a normal DVD player. It can be skipped to any program at any time during playback. It can be played at normal speed or fast, or it can be played in a single step. It can be paused at any time during playback, and then paused. Start over, the system also indicates the current time and program at any time, very easy to use. Similarly, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color at any time for optimal viewing.
    I. The control computer is equipped with a network interface, which can be networked with other computers, and simultaneously broadcasts network information to realize network control.
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