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Outdoor full color LED display panel design template
    LED display is a high-tech product integrating optoelectronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and video technology. Its light-emitting part is composed of LEDs (ie, light-emitting diodes). The utility model has the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness, low working voltage, simple driving, long service life and stable performance. The display screen area can be assembled by the unit module as needed, and the response speed is fast.
Outdoor full color LED display panel design template
    The appearance of LED display screens to make up for the shortcomings of previous information such as magnetic flaps and neon lights. With its rich colors, patterns, real-time dynamic display mode, perfect multimedia effects and powerful visual impact, it displays information, text, pictures, animation and video in various ways, becoming an epoch-making product of information dissemination. It has been widely used in railways, civil aviation, sports venues, conference halls, highways, plazas, large shopping malls, banks, securities markets and various monitoring and dispatching.
    LED electronic display is an ideal public information display medium for displaying text, image, 2D or 3D animation and video signals such as TV, video and VCD. As a product of modern high-tech development, it is used with billboards, light boxes and neon lights. Compared with traditional propaganda media, it has unparalleled advantages: 1. It can play unlimited information in real time (up to 60 images per second); 2. It is the brightest in various propaganda media in the world; 3. Clear image Large visuals, low power consumption, and extremely long life. It has been widely used in various administrative institutions in the city, and has played a good role in improving the image and popularity and the atmosphere in which the units are sponsored.
1. Play a role in facilitating the public.
2. Play the role of open government affairs.
3. Play a role in publicizing relevant laws and regulations.
4. Play a role in popularizing knowledge.
5, play the role of the bulletin board.
6. Play the role of public service advertising. The weather forecast, Civilized Citizens Convention and important news can be played through the display screen.
7, play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of the superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals.
System implementation design
1, LED production process
2, LED design
    The company has a unique design for each display installation environment. In the design stage, we carefully analyze the needs of the project, communicate with customers, understand the key requirements of the project, according to our rich LED large screen production experience and With the support and participation of the original manufacturer, we have developed a design plan for the entire project to ensure that the program can meet the functional requirements of the system, and has high practicality, high reliability, and high ornamental. Our design principle is the trinity of function, structure and shape, and coordination. It is necessary to ensure that the display screen has perfect functions, reasonable structure, modern appearance and atmosphere, and at the same time, it must be well integrated and echoed with the surrounding environment, so that the entire display screen is unique in the installed environment.
3, system software components and functions
3.1 System software components
The system software is mainly composed of program editing software, playing software, automation control software, and remote communication software. See the System Features section for software features.
² supporting environment
The system software supports various LAN environments. The software working platform is WIN9X or higher.
(1), system function
A, adaptive / manual screen brightness adjustment function;
B, adaptive / manual internal temperature adjustment function;
C. Active temperature and voltage over-standard alarm and shutdown function (remote);
D, automatic / manual color adjustment and balance correction function;
E, timing automatic / manual switch function, start screen lock;
F, support online / offline autonomous operation;
G. Online self-test and manual detection of equipment operation status;
H, video display function: realize VGA and Video signal conversion;
I, video broadcast function:
1) Multimedia control to realize a variety of video signal sources, such as: TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, etc., with on-site simultaneous broadcast and all required hardware and software devices and communication interfaces; fonts with text editing function, ie text Changes, size changes, screen changes and positioning, can display a variety of Chinese and Western and Arabic numerals, common characters and patterns, can be used for advertising, image processing and display, can be used for text overlay, special effects editing And playback function;
2) Provide standard network interface, with INTERNET network access to realize various common network information broadcast functions, and reserve broadband interface;
J, with system synchronization control technology, can realize the one-to-one correspondence between the screen display content and the VGA display;
K, the audio system can meet the requirements of live sound image synchronization;
L, with real-time monitoring of the operating temperature and humidity of the display screen, and corresponding cooling and dehumidification measures;
M, the power distribution system has overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit protection, and has power factor compensation function;
(2) System composition
The LED display system consists of a display system, a control system, and an editing system.
A display system
Display body: A controllable display panel (display unit and gradation system) composed of LED light-emitting devices.
Structural skeleton: the support part of the screen, including the display unit fixing frame, the outer frame and the like.
B control system
The system consists of 486 configuration computer, multimedia card or DVI graphics card, control card, etc., mainly used for display data editing, processing and distribution, and control display display.
Control computer: 486 or more hosts.
Multimedia card: TL2000 video card or DVI graphics card.
Control card: QL2004-RGA8.
Control software: LED studio and so on.
C editing system
The function of the editing system is to complete the finishing, layout and design of the display content. After the editing is completed, the display content must be sent to the control system by the editing system for effective playback.
Edit the computer: host 486 or above.
Editing software: LED display editing software, multimedia production software, etc.
System software function
The display system software provided not only meets all the requirements of the software, but also has other more powerful functions.
3.2.1 General requirements for software features:
Computer network system and structure screen control system adopts microcomputer local area network, and successfully introduce many mature digital technologies into large-screen display systems, such as database technology, network communication technology, network interconnection technology, data security technology, information automation processing technology, Embedded microprocessor control technology, interface technology, multimedia technology, etc.
The display system integrates functions such as graphic production and playback, artistic font production and playback, and three-dimensional animation playback. The interface is beautiful and friendly, and the operation is convenient and the effect is gorgeous. Its various functions can be cyclically played by your free combination and automatically switched, and can be controlled by timing and fixed speed respectively.
The editing software adopts WINDOWS98 or above operating system, and the configured file has the characteristics of modifying various parameters and functions, and has the following characteristics:
(1), powerful.
A. You can input text, image and other information through keyboard and mouse, and then modify and edit it through software.
B. The configured file has characteristics that can modify various parameters and functions.
C, can insert a variety of display methods.
D, each arrangement can be freely combined and timed.
(2) The system can receive and play related information on the internal network.
(3), has a rich display, such as moving, rolling, opening, centering, flashing, fade, flying, anti-white, blinds, rotation, snow and so on.
(4) Support 2D and 3D animation display:
A, two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation production using the common production software on the market, through the system's graphic production playback system playback (the main software used for making two-dimensional animation is ANIMATOR PRO, 3D animation using 3DSTUDIO).
B. It has more than 24 new display modes and multiple color matching methods.
C, the screen mapping position is adjustable, and the display screen size can be conveniently and freely selected, and multiple windows can be opened, with picture-in-picture function.
D. Support remote control computer interface.
(5), playback control is simple:
A. Each function can be combined arbitrarily and can be made into playback information.
B, can play automatically in timed loop.
C. It is convenient to adjust the brightness and contrast of the whole screen.
D, fool-like design, online help.
3.2. 2 Other powerful features of the software provided:
(1), software function overview:
The graphic production and playing software provided by the program is composed of program production software, program editing software and program playing software.
A. Program production software:
The software mainly realizes the input and processing of original materials (such as pictures, photos, texts, etc.) (such as tools through 2D/3D animation production software) and the forming process.
B. Program editing software:
The software mainly realizes that the products formed by the program production software are organized into a program with strong rendering power and attraction around a certain theme.
C, program playback software:
The software mainly displays on the large screen according to various display requirements of the program formed by the program editing software.
(2) Other more powerful features of the software:
A, with text overlay function: the screen can not only open any number of windows at the same time, but also can be played separately or superimposed.
B. The brightness, color and contrast adjustment of the display screen are more convenient: like a TV set, it can be adjusted flexibly and conveniently according to the weather conditions.
C. It has a variety of novel display modes: the latest generation of “indoor LED display special software” developed by itself, in addition to all the display modes of normal software, it also adds a new display mode, such as: rhombic out, fan-shaped Large flowers, right flowers, flowers, and out; make each pattern of the screen, monotonous text more attractive, greatly increase the dynamic of the picture, and achieve the best artistic effect.
D. With analog demonstration function: It can simulate the instant editing effect in the computer monitor, making the operation more intuitive, simple and convenient.
E, the interface is more friendly: full Chinese menu, easy to operate, program production playback with a mouse click.
F. With video overlay function: video images can be superimposed with subtitles and animations; with video images as background, superimposed images can make LED display expressions leap and increase appeal.
G, playback control is more convenient: play can be single-step playback, can also be paused at any time, and can be replayed from the pause, and provide playback time, making it more convenient to use.
H, with real-time insertion function: For the latest information, it can be inserted at any time during the display playback, which is more convenient to use.
I. Automatic playback: Various display contents, display modes, and signal sources can be arbitrarily arranged by the user, and can be modified at any time. The produced scripts are automatically played after being turned on every day.
High grayscale technology
    The LED display has been well received in the industry for its high gray level and fine picture. In the "LED display detection method" has broken through the technological frontier of 10BIT technology, and is advancing to a higher field.
4.2 Fully digitized
     In order to ensure the accuracy of the display and the vividness of the color, a full digital transformation was carried out. The effect achieved the intended purpose and formed its own unique technical characteristics.
4.3 Constant current noise reduction technology
     The LED display driver chip adopts the internationally advanced chip system for LED display, which is the leader in the field of full-color LED display.
     Combined with the characteristics of its chip, the research has formed a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the influence of other noise sources such as power supply on the LED electronic display is reduced to a minimum.
4.4 Brightness adjustment technology
In order to adapt to different weathers and achieve the best display effect, the LED electronic display has specially designed a brightness level 256-level adjustment device. Ensure that the entire LED display can achieve the best display in various environments.
4.5 strong convection heat removal system
When the LED display is working, the heat generated by the screen body is high. In order to ensure that the entire display system is running under a stable state, the display system cooling system has been thoroughly studied, and considering all the flowing airflow, a strong set has been developed. The convection heat removal system makes the system more stable and reliable.
4.6 sophisticated material technology and scientific production process
The exquisite material technology is the fundamental point of high quality requirements. After in-depth study of optical materials, kit materials, structural materials and chip materials, it has formed its own material research process and corresponding inspection standards and test specifications. In the production process, the company introduces foreign advanced production lines and production processes, and carries out strict quality management in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system.
4.7 Media Networking
With the advent of the information age, the media networked system solution has been fully launched and the LED display system as a network terminal has formed a standardized interface, which can directly access standard video signals, audio signals, and other devices on the network. Strong.
4.8 advanced testing equipment and testing methods
Have advanced testing equipment. In order to ensure the product quality of the display, the CS-100, a special LED display tester manufactured by Minolta, Japan, was purchased to detect the LED modules in production, ensuring the consistency of the color modules and brightness of the produced modules. Thereby ensuring the quality of the entire LED display screens. At the same time, it can be used for actual measurement after LED display installation to ensure the effect of the whole screen.
The main functions of the CS-100 LED display tester:
1. Measure the brightness of the LED display
2. Connect to the computer and measure the color temperature of the LED display video (white balance)
3. Measure the color coordinates (wavelength) of R, G, and B
4.9 perfect power distribution system
The display is a large electronic device, and good power distribution equipment is one of the important conditions for the system to achieve reliable operation. The display is equipped with a dedicated power distribution system and has the following features:
l The power distribution system has remote control functions.
l With power indication function.
l With a variety of protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, power failure, etc., can automatically handle various emergency
l With the function of timing automatic switch screen, it can realize unattended, multi-output and
Delayed power-on function;
l Intelligent power supply, which can automatically turn on and off the fan, automatically protect against overheating, and automatically recover without maintenance.
5, product quality
In order to ensure product quality and improve system reliability and stability, ISO 9002 quality assurance system standards are strictly implemented in various processes such as design, raw material selection, semi-finished product screening and production process.
5.1 Reliability Design:
1. Adopted derating design:
All circuits used in the display
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