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LED display terminology-SMD led tv panel / led video wall
BNC port: A connector commonly used for workstation and coaxial cable connections, standard professional video equipment input and output ports. The BNC cable has 5 connectors for receiving red, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync signals. The BNC connector has a special display interface that is different from the normal 15-pin D-SUB standard connector. It consists of five primary color signals of R, G and B, and five independent signal connectors for line synchronization and field synchronization. It is mainly used to connect workstations and other systems that require high scanning frequency. The BNC connector can isolate the video input signal, so that the interference between the signals is reduced, and the signal bandwidth is larger than that of the ordinary D-SUB, which can achieve the best signal response.
LED display terminology-SMD led tv panel / led video wall
RS232C serial port: The full name of RS-232C standard (protocol) is EIA-RS-232C standard, among which EIA (ELectronic Industry Association) stands for American Electronics Industry Association, RS (ecommededstandard) stands for recommended standard, 232 is identification number, C stands for RS232 latest time. Modified (1969), before this, there are RS232B, RS232A. . It specifies the connection cable and mechanical, electrical characteristics, signal functions and transmission processes. Common physical standards are EIA#0; RS-232-C, EIA#0; RS-422-A, EIA#0; RS-423A, EIA#0; RS-485. Only EIA#0;RS is introduced here. -232-C (referred to as 232, RS232). Computer input and output interface, is the most common serial interface, RS-232C standard interface has 25 lines, 4 data lines, 11 control lines, 3 timing lines, 7 spare and undefined lines, commonly used only Nine, commonly used with 25-pin D-sub ports, with a maximum transfer rate of 20kbps and a cable length of up to 15 meters. The RS232C port is used to input computer signals into the LED-display.cnLEDw.com/">LED display.
Communication distance: The signal input of the general LED display is a microcomputer or other equipment. The display has a distance from the signal input device. Therefore, the P4.81 outdoor LED display must support the input and restore of the remote signal. Basically all LED displays support it. Signal input above 10 meters.
Lifetime: Usually the LED display is used outdoors, so the P4.81outdoor LED screen can adapt to the outdoor environment, and it is better than other display devices in anti-aging and trouble-free operation. Generally, the normal and trouble-free use time can reach more than 5000 hours.
LED display: LED display (LEDpanel): LED is light emittingdiode, the English abbreviation of LED, referred to as LED. It is a display screen for displaying various information such as text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, video signals, etc. by controlling the display mode of the semiconductor light-emitting diodes.
The LED display is divided into a graphic display and a video display, both of which are composed of LED matrix blocks. The graphic display can display Chinese characters, English text and graphics synchronously with the computer; the video display screen is controlled by a microcomputer, and the pictures and images are displayed together, and various information can be played in real-time, synchronous and clear information dissemination mode, and the second display can also be displayed. Dimensions, 3D animation, video, TV, VCD shows and live live. The LED display screen has bright colors, strong stereoscopic effect, and is as static as oil painting. It is widely used in stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprises and Other public places.
Its advantages: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, easy to match with integrated circuits, simple drive, long life, impact resistance, and stable performance.
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