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Comparative analysis of 360 degree full color LED panel and ordinary LED wall
1 major breakthrough in electronic displays
By connecting the main control computer, there are three large circular display screens on the appearance of the cylinder to play the screen synchronously. When viewed from any angle of the display, you can enjoy three identical and vivid images, such as videotapes, animations, and The performance of plain text. The Guangyuan 360-degree full-color P4 LED video display not only expands the visual range of the product, but also integrates other video devices with its high compatibility. It is the leader of multimedia products.
Comparative analysis of 360 degree full color LED panel and ordinary LED wall
2 patented rotary light-emitting diode
The Guangyuan display is equipped with thousands of ultra-high brightness LEDs. With appropriate driving technology, each group of LEDs rotating around the cylinder rotates to produce clear image quality. This "rotary LED" display Technology has obtained world patent rights in the United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan.
3 high resolution, high economic efficiency:
Just use a few tenths of the traditional P4 LED screen LEDs, the light far display can display excellent fine image quality, the resolution is 864 × 480 higher than the traditional TV, and even directly to HDTV. In addition to reducing the amount of LEDs used, the patented technology saves production costs and reduces maintenance costs during use.
4 super high pixels:
Different from the traditional LED display, each uses a module composed of red, blue and green LEDs. Guangyuan uses patented technology. The red, blue and green LEDs in the rotation are lit and mixed at the same point. Presents a true full-color image that reproduces real images and rich visuals.
5 super fine point distance:
The ultra-fine dot distance of the Guangyuan display is only 2.5x2.5mm, and the clear and realistic picture quality is impeccable even when viewed at close range. The best viewing distance is in the range of 1~30 meters, which can be enjoyed by thousands of people.
6 color consistency:
Through the tight control of patented technology, all rotating LEDs ensure color consistency across the entire screen.
7 digital grayscale technology:
The development of LED-specific PWM driver ICs achieves digital grayscale performance, and the effect is much higher than the traditional analog transmission mode, which can achieve superior image quality.
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