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The basic structure of the LED display and the characteristics of the control system
1) The basic structure of the LED display
    The display system consists of three major components: the signal source, the control system, and the display screen.
Display screen display source content
    Display text text, graphic picture information or display image video information. It is live broadcast, broadcast radio and television satellite TV; play video recorders, DVD players and other video programs; through the captioning machine to superimpose text information on the TV screen, panoramic, close-up, etc. is really editing and playback. Display a variety of graphics, patterns, animations; display a variety of text, text can be steplessly scaled.
2) LED display analog connection and system control renderings
3) LED full color display control and display technology features
    1. Adopting the most advanced 65536 (16bit) gray level control technology to completely solve the mosaic phenomenon of full color display in low gray scale display, making the displayed image transition natural, the color is delicate and vivid, fully realize the video source. Really restored.
    2. The display contrast ratio reaches 6400:1, which makes the displayed image layered clearly, which overcomes the influence of the external brightness change caused by the full color display.
    3, display color can reach 281.5 trillion kinds, fully meet the input requirements of various advanced video sources, can display perfect bright colors.
    4, using virtual pixel display technology, in the case of the same display size, the brightness of the ordinary LED display is increased by 4 times, so that the LED display can display unparalleled fine images. (See below)
    5, using the driver board level gray control technology, the nonlinear correction function is integrated into the driver board chip, using 65536 (16bit) level gray level correction technology, greatly improving the data transmission rate, while improving system stability, The linear correction method drives the LED tube to adapt the LED display to the nonlinear requirements of the human eye, thereby displaying a realistic video picture with a vivid image.
    6, using Gigabit single-wire transmission technology and board-level gray processing technology, the data transmission rate is greatly improved, 8 scan display scanning frequency can reach 1200Hz, eliminating the flicker phenomenon of LED display rental, eliminating the human eye to watch Fatigue, to the maximum meet the shooting needs of digital equipment.
    7. Adopt constant current drive circuit to ensure the stability and reliability of the LED light-emitting tube, and prolong the service life of the LED light-emitting tube, and also ensure the brightness of the LED light-emitting tube.
    8. The brightness and contrast of the P3.91 LED display screen and each unit module can be individually adjusted through the software on-site, and the memory function is ensured to ensure the consistency of the brightness of the whole screen of the display screen.
    9, using point-by-point brightness control technology, can ensure the uniformity of the entire screen of the LED display, after the display screen has been running for several years, the brightness of the LED tube will appear different degrees of attenuation, using point-by-point brightness adjustment technology only need to spend The display can be restored to the factory uniform state in two hours.
    10, using system redundancy technology, can achieve two-way data transmission of the system scan controller, one of the scan controller damage or cascade failure does not affect the normal display of the entire screen.
    11. Using cascade error reporting and data backhaul technology, the entire LED display system connection and unit connection status can be monitored visually on the local control terminal or remotely to reduce the maintenance cost and troubleshooting period of the entire device.
    12. Adopt industrial grade switching power supply and reduce load by 20%. It adopts advanced power management technology and has protection measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit. The whole screen generates very low heat and can operate stably for a long time.
    13, the system technology standard resolution is 1280x1024, can be customized for a variety of larger resolution display, the transmission distance between the computer and the LED display: the use of ordinary network cable up to 120 meters, the use of fiber can reach 15 kilometers.
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