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Regular installation of indoor/outdoor LED display screen wall
1) Indoor display installation method
    The standard load-bearing concrete top can be used for indoor load-bearing concrete tops. The length of the boom depends on the site conditions. The indoor steel beam is hoisted with steel wire rope, and the outer casing and the screen body are decorated with the same color steel pipe.
    Ordinary mounting: Applicable to the display with a total screen weight of less than 50kg, which can be directly hung on the load-bearing wall without leaving maintenance space.
Rotating bracket mounting:
    Applicable to the display with a weight greater than 50kg and a height and width of the screen greater than 1200mm, it must be installed on the load-bearing wall. Because of its large area, it is difficult to disassemble, so the maintenance space can be solved by the rotation of the screen.
    The mounting structure is to open a hole in the wall, and the display screen is embedded therein. The size of the opening is required to match the size of the outer frame of the display screen signs, and the decoration is properly decorated. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the hole on the wall, the hole must be penetrated. Use the front disassembly mechanism.
2) Outdoor display installation method
    Outdoor LED display area is large, the design of its steel structure should consider the basic, wind load, magnitude, waterproof, dustproof, ambient temperature, lightning protection and many other factors. Auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinets, air conditioners, axial fans, lighting, etc., as well as maintenance facilities such as horses, ladders, etc. The entire outdoor screen structure must meet the protection level below IP65.
    Install the outdoor screen on the platform or on the column. The column is divided into a column and a double column. In addition to the screen steel structure, concrete or steel columns are required, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation.
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