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LED display screen online and offline control software introduction
1) Online full color display software introduction
LED display multimedia production and playback system
    Language: Chinese, English, display multimedia production and playback system is dedicated to outdoor LED display design and development of special software, this product can work in the wide-area network or LAN network remote control, more suitable for stand-alone playback. The characteristics of the system are briefly described as follows:
LED display screen online and offline control software introduction
    1. Adopting the international leading DirectX image display technology to make the screen display smooth and without flicker.
    2, the operation is intuitive, what you see. You can easily and intuitively arrange a variety of graphic elements, all of which support mouse casting. Design ideas follow Microsoft PowerPoint.
    3, display elements include animation, images, sound, video, text, geometric images, tables, and so on. Support all image format files, video files, txt\rtf text files, flash, etc. More than 200 stunt patterns and accompanying sounds can be set for all display elements. If you have a specific video card installed, you can also led display the video footage received by the video card.
    4, support VCD, DVD and other files in the playback and playback of the video on the superimposed, the built-in original video stream decoder technology, seamless integration of the new video compression format.
    5, the screen area can be divided at will, to achieve different areas to display different playback content.
    6, user layout design can be saved as a file. The "small movie" designed with this software is saved into each file, and can be opened for playback when it needs to be broadcast.
    7, not only can be used to control the display of the single machine, but also can support TCP / IP protocol, serial port, telephone dial-up communication, thus achieving multimedia display remote control display; support simultaneous control of multiple display synchronization display, synchronization time difference <5ns.
    8, can be set to play a list of files in sequence, and can play files at regular intervals, insert files at any time.
    9, real-time display of business system database data, support database ADO connection. This product can obtain dynamic data from business data, avoiding the need to repeatedly develop dedicated display programs. This feature enhances the software's "secondary development" scalability.
2) Offline full color display software introduction
    The multimedia program production player is designed for LED offline display. It is a powerful, easy to use, easy to learn program production and preview software. It supports multiple file formats: text files, all picture files (BMP/JPG/GIF/ PCX......), all animation files (MPG/MPEG/AVI/SWF/GIF...).
    Each image can be set with or without a marquee, or a marquee can be set at intervals. Support a variety of display effects, clearing stunts. Support monochrome, two-color, full-color LED display. The software interface is simple and convenient to operate. Can play at regular intervals.
    Support external interfaces such as temperature, humidity, clock, etc. Language: Chinese, English.
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