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Introduction to the power supply system of the LED display walls
PLC control power supply system
For displays that use more than 10 kW, a power distribution cabinet should be provided. The power distribution cabinet with remote control function or PLC control function can be selected according to requirements. The power distribution cabinet with PLC control function is more intelligent. The LCD controller can be used to remotely operate the LED display  panels And the switch of the air conditioner, fan and other equipment in the screen, real-time monitoring of the ambient temperature, fire and ambient brightness of the screen, and corresponding alarm information. It is recommended that in the outdoor screen project, generally due to poor environment Try to use the power distribution cabinet with PLC control; in the indoor screen project, the environment is better, and the space is limited, you can not add PLC control.
Introduction to the power supply system of the LED display walls
Remote communication
When the communication distance is within 1.2 km, a pair of RS422/RS232 communication modules can be installed in the communication line; if the communication distance is several kilometers or even tens of kilometers, fiber communication should be used at this time, and the communication modules at both ends of the PLC and the computer are also Should be replaced by a fiber optic RS232 converter.
Power monitoring
In order to reduce the impact on the power grid when the high-power display starts, the display power supply is powered on in a few steps. The fault alarm status box on the PLC control interface has the power-on status alarm indicator of each power supply.
Temperature monitoring
The LCD controller monitoring interface provides real-time temperature display within the display. In the automatic state, when the temperature inside the screen exceeds 65 degrees, the monitoring screen will indicate that the temperature is too high, and the LCD controller will sound an alarm, and the system will automatically power off to prevent a fire.
Fire monitoring
There are also some smoke detectors in the P10 led screen. When there is a fire in the screen, the LCD controller will also have corresponding prompt information on the monitoring interface, and the system will automatically power off.
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