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LED display technology advantages-Indoor outdoor big led display screen video wall panel
(1) Using imported LED high-quality die to produce full-color display: it has the advantages of large viewing angle, low power consumption, uniform color, ultra-thin screen thickness, light weight of screen, low failure rate and easy maintenance.
(2) Adopting PCTV card: This card is a high-performance multimedia display card with functions of display, acquisition, video capture, etc. The card is accompanied by a Studio editing software. Studio is an award-winning software of Pinnacle Systems. Compared with existing general-purpose multimedia cards
It has the following advantages:
1 enables users to create digital movies, capture video, edit and add stylized titles, transitions, and even their own music and digital video production narratives on their own PCs.
2Studio allows users to choose to output video in MPEG or AVI file format and store it on a CD, or display it on a Web site, or create a video e-mail. Since Studio can work with Pinnacle Systems' series of capture devices, Video capture has never been easier.
3Studio's application software like a VCR has everything from easy to better, better, best quality, and how much video the computing computer can store. Studio automatically discovers and records scene changes, making editing a breeze
4 Using Studio to create is a fast and interactive process. Use the Instant Preview window to preview the movie at any time during editing, that is, what you see is what you get.
5 If you don't like the title or effect, you can make a change and see the change immediately. Video editing has never been as fast and fun as it is. Free enough, personalized enough, with background music, voiceover and other effects.
(3) Adopting the latest DVI interface technology: DVI interface (Digital Visual Interface) is an industry standard for interface between PC and digital flat panel display. It is well known that the computer is digital, that is, the information it processes is all digital. But the most widely used CRT monitors (such as TVs) are analog. So before you can send computer processed data to the display, you must do a digital/analog conversion (D/A). It causes the loss of information and the defect of display effect. The new generation of displays such as LCD, PDP and HDTV are digital in themselves. In the traditional way, the output (analog) of the computer graphics card is subjected to analog-to-digital conversion (A/). D) can be sent to the display, which causes new losses and troubles. Using the DVI interface, the developed LED display system can be taken directly from the DVI interface of the PC, without the need for a dedicated graphics card such as a Galaxy card, and no special The acquisition card can be free from the limitation of the PC. Since there is no D/A and MD conversion process, the loss of image details is avoided, thus ensuring the perfect reproduction of the computer image in the display. At the same time, since DVI is an industry standard, although the bandwidth is high 83MHZ can also work well. Now DVI can support all display modes of VGA (640×480) to HDTV (1920×1080) and QXGA (2048×1536). In addition, DVI interface is used to develop LED display system. Based on stable and reliable display data, many important functions can be integrated
For example: 1 no data loss, 2 is not limited by PC, 3 convenient upgrade, the general display card memory is 8M, and the card memory is 128-256M, 4 window position and size adjustment; 5 frame frequency up to 60HZ; 6 non Linear adjustment output, more suitable for human eyes; 7100 level screen brightness control; 8 constant current drive; 9 unit board red, green, blue three color brightness adjustable, eliminate mosaic.
(4) Adopting indoor full color system: In addition to the task of distributing display data, the chip is characterized by converting the received 8-bit (8 bit) display data into a 12-bit PWM output pulse, so that the display screen realizes 4096 ( 12bit) gray level control ensures the realization of nonlinear 256-level visual gray scale, and achieves full-true color visual effect, which can fundamentally solve the system complexity caused by excessive data transmission.
Has the following characteristics:
1 Simplicity Since the most complex data conversion part of the system is implemented in the form of internal logic of the chip, the system becomes very simple.
2 The relationship between ease of maintenance and simplicity is the ease of maintenance of the system. Since the complicated control part is eliminated, system maintenance becomes a work that can be done by the junior technicians, which reduces the overall maintenance cost. And increased user satisfaction.
3 High reliability The simplicity of the system control part further brings the high reliability of the system, which is mainly because the integrated chip technology has several times stability compared to the separation device technology.
4 high cost performance system to achieve the most reliable performance of the screen base color 4096 gray level control, the image display is realistic, natural, to achieve the same display control effect.
The 5 unitized and structured design is consistent with the development direction of the current industry. The large-scale display system adopts unitized design on the screen structure, and the system connection is intuitive and simple, which not only ensures that the size of the display body can be spliced ​​and adjusted according to needs. Moreover, the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system is extremely simple, thus minimizing the invisible failure rate of the display system.
6 Industrial reliability design The system adopts unitized design, which replaces a large number of separation devices in traditional design, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the system.
7 The complete system consists of data source, transmission equipment, data processing, data distribution and software management tools, which makes the construction of P6 LED display screen simple and standardized. The technology has been developed and improved in practical application process and has become a set. The most mature, stable and easy to implement system solution.
LED display technology advantages-Indoor outdoor big led display screen video wall panel
8 equivalent CRT display effect The most core performance indicator of LED display is the gray level, that is, the brightness level achieved for each primary color (red, green, blue). The current international display standard requires that each primary color achieves visual 256 levels. Grayscale. The processing logic built into the dedicated grayscale control chip can output 4096-level grayscale, and select 256-level grayscale output that fits the CRT display, making the overall image effect clearer, more realistic, and more appealing.
9 high resolution and high refresh rate In addition to the gray level, the other two performance indicators of the display are its resolution and refresh frequency. Due to the characteristics and requirements of the LED display itself, the traditional solution is often lost. One or two standards increase the price as another indicator. Since the data output per chip of the chip reaches 1 megabit per second, which far exceeds the data output capability of the traditional solution, the problem is fundamentally It is solved. This full color system can support 1024×768 screen resolution and screen refresh frequency up to 300Hz at the same time, far exceeding the performance index of traditional solutions, making the display stable, flicker free and without tailing.
(5) Adopting constant current drive: The circuit technology is mature and reliable, and has been widely used in full-color display. The performance and price ratio are high. It is a constant current drive chip commonly used by many companies, which better solves the LED tube voltage drop dispersion. Sexual defects and good performance, eliminating mosaic.
(6) Optical fiber transmission, non-attenuating optical fiber transmission technology:
1 fiber transmission frequency bandwidth, communication capacity is large. The available bandwidth of fiber is about 1.25G, frequency bandwidth, improve scanning frequency and refresh frequency. The LED full color screen refresh frequency designed by our company is ≥200Hz/s.
2 The optical fiber has low transmission loss and long relay distance. Its maximum relay distance can reach 15000 meters, which improves reliability and stability.
3 Optical fiber transmission is resistant to electromagnetic interference. Optical fiber is an insulator material. It is not affected by lightning interference in the natural world, ionospheric changes and sunspot activity, and is not affected by industrial electrical appliances such as electrified railway feeders and high-voltage equipment.
4 fiber optic wire diameter is fine, light weight, soft. The core diameter of the fiber is very thin, about 0.1mm, it is only one percent of the single-tube coaxial cable; the diameter of the cable is also small, the cross-sectional diameter of the 8-core cable It is about 10mm, and the standard coaxial cable is 47mm. The use of fiber optics makes the transmission system take up less space and makes construction wiring convenient and fast.
5 fiber transmission in addition to the above outstanding advantages, but also has strong corrosion resistance, anti-nuclear radiation, energy consumption and other advantages.
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