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OLED display screen wall knowledge?programmable display full color indoor led video panel
The English name of OLED is called Organic Light Emitting Display. Chinese means "organic light-emitting display technology", which is a new display technology. Its biggest feature is its ability to emit light - the positive electrode of OLED is a thin and transparent indium tin oxide (ITO), the cathode is a metal composition, and the organic material layer (including hole transport layer, light-emitting layer, electron transport) Layers, etc. are sandwiched between them to form a "sandwich". When the current is turned on, the electric charge of the positive electrode and the cathode are combined in the light-emitting layer to generate light. Different colors of light are emitted depending on the organic material sandwiched in it.
OLED display screen wall knowledge?programmable display full color indoor led video panel
The principle of OLED illumination is that organic light-emitting display technology consists of a very thin organic material coating and a glass substrate. These organic materials illuminate when there is a charge. The color of the OLED light emission depends on the material of the organic light-emitting layer, so the manufacturer can change the material of the light-emitting layer to obtain the desired color. Active array organic light emitting displays have built-in electronic circuitry so each pixel is independently driven by a corresponding circuit. OLED technology offers the best way to view photos and videos and has fewer restrictions on the design of the camera.
The earliest mobile phone manufacturer using OLED technology as a display screen was Motorola. At the end of 2000, Motorola began to adopt OLED as a mobile phone display material. However, until now, no Moto OLED display appeared in China, and it may only be sold in the country. Since then, many mobile phone manufacturers have invested in OLED display screen development. For example, the external screen of LG's G7030 on the market is a passive OLED display.
OLED is a self-luminous material, which does not require a backlight board. At the same time, the viewing angle is wide, the image quality is uniform, the reaction speed is fast, the color is easy to be colorized, and the simple driving circuit can achieve illumination, simple process, and can be made into a flexible panel. In line with the principle of light and thin, the application range is small and medium size panels. OLED has the following advantages:
  1, the core layer of the OLED device is very thin, the thickness can be less than 1 mm, and the thickness is 1/3 of the liquid crystal;
  2, OLED device is an all-solid-state mechanism, no vacuum, liquid material, good shock resistance, can adapt to huge acceleration, vibration and other harsh environments;
  3, the characteristics of active lighting makes OLED almost no viewing angle problem. The brightness of the OLED is 100,000 cd/m 2 , and the brightness of the TFT of the best notebook is 350-400 cd. Therefore, the OLED is viewed in a large angle, and the display picture is not distorted;
  4, OLED device single pixel response speed is 1000 times that of liquid crystal components, can achieve wonderful video playback;
  5, low temperature characteristics, can be displayed normally at minus 40 degrees, and liquid crystal display at low temperature is not good;
  6. The cost will be lower;
  7. The luminescence conversion efficiency is high, and it is not required to be in the light source, and the energy consumption is lower than that of the liquid crystal;
  8. OLEDs can be fabricated on substrates of different materials and can be made into flexible displays that can be bent.
Based on the above characteristics, OLED is considered as the next generation of flat panel display emerging application technology. In the commercial field, OLED display panels can be applied to POS machines and ATM machines, copiers, game consoles, etc.; in the field of communication, they can be applied to mobile phones, mobile network terminals, etc.; in the field of computers, they can be widely used in PDAs, commercial PCs and homes. On PCs and laptops; in the field of consumer electronics, it can be applied to audio equipment, digital cameras, portable DVDs; in industrial applications, it is suitable for instrumentation; in the field of transportation, it is used in GPS and aircraft instruments.
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