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LED display environment--Outdoor Led Screen / LED Video Wall / Staging LED Display Panel
LED display hardware environment
The LED display hardware part includes a general-purpose computer part, a communication line, a dedicated data conversion part, and a display part determined according to the type, area, and use site of the LED display p5. In the detailed specification it should be stated:
l Requirements for computer mainframes, various optional add-in cards, external devices, and communication interfaces.
2 Requirements for the communication line and indicate the maximum communication distance.
3 The data conversion part communicates with the host computer.
3 Power supply requirements and structural installation requirements.
LED display environment--Outdoor Led Screen / LED Video Wall / Staging LED Display Panel
LED display software environment
LED display screens with different performances should be equipped with display software that meets their display function requirements. The software has the following functions:
l Comply with serialization and standardization requirements, and can be backward compatible.
2 Adopt the operating system and language specified in the detailed specification.
3 Equipped with a comprehensive self-test procedure and various levels of diagnostics as needed.
·How does the LED achieve the display function?
· What are the requirements for the applicable environment and quality of LEDs?
·General specifications for LED display
· The basic structure of the graphic display
· The basic structure of the video LED display
· LED display and other display performance comparison
· Main technical parameters of indoor LED electronic display
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