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Indoor /outdoor Rental Led Display Screen Smd Led Video Wall Panel
LED display screen is a flat display screen composed of LED dot matrix module or pixel unit. Since the late 1980s, LED has been widely used in the world. The LED display has gone from a monochrome, two-color graphic display to an image display. Full-color LED displays will increasingly replace traditional light boxes, neon lights, etc. in outdoor advertising media, and achieve large LEDs through microelectronics, digital technology, video technology, network control technology and data transmission technology. Screen wall.
LED video display system features: 1. Modular design: The circuit design is divided into different modules according to functions, and only minimal contact is required between each module. The display unit board or the display unit box is arbitrarily assembled according to the requirements of the user and the application place to achieve the required display size, which is convenient for maintenance, and greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system. The difficulty of debugging, maintenance difficulty is greatly reduced, and reliability is high. 2. Advanced distributed scanning technology: The scanning of the display part adopts the scanning control technology, and the display part is divided into different units and scanned independently. Signal transfer between each unit is controlled synchronously using signal latching techniques.
Indoor /outdoor Rental Led Display Screen Smd Led Video Wall Panel
At present, most domestic LED screens manufacturer use Neuron chips, TI chips, and display unit boards. All of them are produced in China. Therefore, the advantage of domestic LED screen manufacturers lies in software and processing costs. After 10 years of growth, it has gradually formed a company with a certain scale in Shenzhen, including the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Jiangxi, and Fujian. Some of these companies have successfully opened up foreign markets. The following magazines select some domestic representative LED large screen companies and their products are recommended to readers.
Single network cable control system
Control: Realize the background management of the computer, that is, the playback window is minimized without affecting the normal display of the display.
Text: Display a variety of fonts, numbers, symbols, etc., support a variety of display methods, you can set the screen and dwell time arbitrarily.
Image: Supports graphics and image files in different formats. Such as: BMP, JPG, PCX, GIF, etc.
Video: Play video signals from various peripheral devices such as TV, video, etc., you can switch between different videos at any time, and you can reduce or enlarge the video screen.
Superimposed information: display video, text or image separately, or display a variety of information on the same screen, and superimpose text operations on the video image.
Network function: Connect with various types of domain networks and remote networks. With the support of system software, all kinds of information and data can be extracted in the network. Any computer on the network can switch the display screen, control the display content, and adjust the display brightness.
Long-distance transmission: It adopts advanced data transmission technology, uses Gigabit network high-speed data communication chip, anti-static, anti-lightning, supports long-distance transmission without relay, synchronous video communication distance is greater than 100m, measured 130m.
Stable and reliable: 2 million gate FPGA devices are used to improve the stability of the control system and support online upgrade. The power supply adopts 110V~240V, 50~60HZ.
Indoor full color display
Indoor full-color display screens are widely used in various indoor and high-end venues such as exhibition halls, trading halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, government offices, and sun halls, as digital media for information dissemination and advertising.
Features: imported high-end luminescent materials, high-quality dedicated IC chip, noise-free high-power power supply, static / dynamic constant current drive, high brightness, high gray level, high contrast, high density, large viewing angle, high stability, high color Uniformity, color saturation, fine and clear image edges; smooth video effects, correction compensation: application of nonlinear correction, gamma correction technology, unitized design, easy installation, maintenance, live maintenance, flexible operation: professional editing / Play software, user can arrange display mode arbitrarily, file format: text, image, two, three-dimensional animation, video format: composite video (NTSC / PAL) / high-definition television (HDTV) / digital video (DVI) / cable TV (CATV) /VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, energy saving and environmental protection, green products.
Outdoor full color series
With a design system for various outdoor environments, the adaptability and reliability of the product in various harsh outdoor environments are significantly improved.
Features: It consists of three primary colors (red, green and blue) display unit boxes. The red, green and blue 256 levels of gray form 16,777,216 colors, which make the electronic screen display rich in color and high saturation. High-resolution, high-display dynamic images; using ultra-high-brightness LEDs, the sun's glare is still clearly visible at long distances; nonlinear correction technology makes images sharper and more layered; static scanning technology and modularity Design technology, higher reliability and stability; support multiple display modes; use universal video playback software to make system operation very convenient.
Scope of application: government plaza, leisure plaza, large entertainment plaza, prosperous business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, etc.
Specifications: P10, P12, P14, P16, P18, P20, P22, P25, P31.25
LED display body
The display body consists of two red, one green, one blue and four light tubes, and each pixel is 3906 pixels.
Unit display panel
Each unit display panel is composed of an LED and a control circuit. The structure and performance of the display panel are exactly the same, and can be composed of different specifications and sizes, which is easy to disassemble and repair.
Control host
It consists of JMC card, communication cable, etc., which can realize CRT synchronous display. The screen refresh rate is more than 80 frames/second, no flicker, and the action picture is continuous.
  power supply
Input 220V AC, dedicated switching power supply for display. The output voltage does not change due to the load.
Sub-surface sticker full color display
The sub-surface full-color display has fundamentally solved the "mosaic" phenomenon of the full-color screen, and has a good luminous consistency; the automatic spectroscopic color separation is adopted to ensure the consistency of brightness.
Product features: large brightness value, adjustable from software to hardware, well to meet the indoor hall or semi-outdoor environment with large brightness; using real pixel display, both display images and text have good results Can realize single point single lamp maintenance, fundamentally solve the problem of high maintenance cost of full color screen; patented technology takes the lead in using flat headlights, the viewing angle is larger: horizontal and vertical can reach more than 120 degrees, in this range Viewed from any angle, the image is displayed without distortion or color cast
The unique lamp holder design is more conducive to heat dissipation, thus extending the life of the LED. Applicable to all kinds of sports, advertising, banking, securities, stations, terminals, shopping malls, postal services, telecommunications, institutions, schools, monitoring, enterprises, etc.
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