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What are the applications of LED electronic display systems?
LED electronic billboard is a screen that uses various functions such as photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology to display indoor and outdoor environments, display various information elements, and use special control technology. It is used to display text, text, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes and various multimedia information as well as TV and video signals. It consists of a display screen composed of arrays of LED devices, featuring high definition, bright colors, large viewing angle, stable operation, long life and low power consumption. Due to the modular structure of the unit, the size of the screen can be flexibly tailored to the user's requirements.
     LED display system mainly includes: indoor monochrome information screen, dual primary color video screen, full color, true color video screen; outdoor monochrome information screen, dual primary color, full color, true color video screen; various specifications securities market display Strip display; and various LED display systems for various industries according to customer needs.
     LED display systems are widely used in government, military, finance, factories and mines, commerce, intelligent transportation, colleges, medical, service industries and sports venues. The main scope of application includes:
What are the applications of LED electronic display systems?
Query categories: hospitals, post and telecommunications, industry and commerce bureaus, tax bureaus, exit bureaus, insurance, courts, government agencies...
Shopping guide: hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, commercial streets, large supermarkets, trade fairs...
Ticketing, data inquiry categories: airline ticket office, international cruise ticket office, bank, stock exchange, futures market, library...
Tour guides: parks, playgrounds, travel agencies, museums, memorials...
Directional categories: airports, terminals, railway stations, office buildings, large competitions...
Publishing categories: newspapers, books, publishing houses, real estate introduction CDs...
Typical application system for LED display:
☆ Urban public information consultation system
☆ Government, enterprises and institutions reception service system
☆ Business inquiry system for industry, commerce, taxation, customs, banking and other industries
☆ Public service inquiry system for post and telecommunications, water, electricity and gas
☆ Large-scale shopping mall commodity information inquiry system
☆ Hotel Travel Guide System
☆ Business Center, Intelligent Building Distribution Query System
☆ Talent market, labor market supply and demand information consultation service system
☆ Exhibition, trade fair information inquiry system
☆ Hospital guidance system query
     In the future, the touch screen will also go into the family. With the development of the city to the direction of information and the penetration of computer networks in national life, information inquiry has been touch screen - the display content can be touched. We sincerely welcome all enterprises and institutions to use the multimedia information inquiry system to improve the overall image and service level of the unit and embark on the road of information service.
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