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LED display screen luminescent material features
In 1968, HP produced red LED illuminators (wavelength 660nm), and then appeared yellow-green (wavelength 570nm), blue (wavelength 470nm) and pure green (wavelength 525nm) for display screens, but currently due to high The blue and pure green semiconductor wafer manufacturing technology of brightness is mainly in the hands of a few companies such as Japan and the United States, resulting in relatively expensive prices.

The LED luminescent materials used in the led display screen have the following forms:
1 LED light (or single light)
      Generally, it consists of a single LED chip, a reflective bowl, a metal anode, and a metal cathode, and is surrounded by an epoxy resin casing having a light condensing ability. One or more (different color) single lamps can be used to form a basic pixel, which is mostly used for outdoor displays due to high brightness.
2 LED dot matrix module
      The light-emitting matrix is ​​composed of a plurality of wafers and is encapsulated in a plastic case with an epoxy resin. It is suitable for row and column scanning drive, and it is easy to form a high-density display screen, which is mostly used in indoor display.
3 SMD LED Lights (or SMD LEDs)
      It is a package of LED light-emitting type, which can be used for indoor full-color display screen, which can realize single-point maintenance and effectively overcome mosaic phenomenon.
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