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LED full color wall screen application advantages-LED display Screen/LED display panel/led/sign/boar
LED is a kind of semiconductor that can convert electric energy into visible light. It is widely used in urban lighting engineering and large-screen display systems due to its advantages of easy control, low-voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination, and long service life. LED color wall screen is a new product of LED technology applied to the field of outdoor decorative lighting. Its working principle is composed of two parts of driving and control. The small LED square lamp is used as the light-emitting display unit, and the pixel unit of the square LED lamp is fixed according to a certain number. The matrix is ​​arranged to form an LED screen or LED advertising billboard, and is connected with a video controller and a computer.
Because it can produce light and dark and color changes according to melody and rhythm and can form various dynamic picture effects, it can create a dreamy, dazzling mystery, gorgeous background lighting, and should be upscale DISCO bar, song and dance. The special requirements of the lighting background in entertainment halls and other places make the expression of indoor lighting more abundant and optimized. Through the overall point-by-point control, cascading data transmission, and immediate response of the system, the overall control of LED lighting inside KTV, restaurants, dance halls, karaoke bars and other entertainment venues is achieved, resulting in a more harmonious overall effect.
1, the benefits of using LED
An LED is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into visible light. Its characteristics are:
a. High efficiency and low energy consumption.
b. The light quality is good. Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, there is no heat and no radiation. The LED is a typical green illumination source.
c. Long life, the luminous flux is attenuated to 50% of the nominal life of 100,000 hours.
d. Use safety,. The working voltage of the single unit is roughly between 1.5V and 5V, and the working current is about 20mA.
e. Green and environmental protection. Waste can be recycled without pollution; unlike fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury.
f. Control flexibility, dimming by adjusting the current, the combination of different light colors can be toned, and the timing control circuit can achieve various dynamic changes.
These advantages make LEDs an ideal green light source and have been increasingly used in engineering lighting and display applications. LED has obvious advantages over traditional neon, incandescent and tungsten halogen lamps in terms of color performance, lighting control, environmental protection and energy saving. LED pixel combinations can create dynamic visual effects that can be varied.
2, the problem to be solved
At present, there are many kinds of lighting and control systems in DISCO Bar. If you want to construct a shocking full-color display wall as the environmental background, the light source should give priority to LEDs instead of the traditional power consumption, high control difficulty and long service life. A thermal radiation source and a gas discharge source that are not long and have a slightly lower system safety factor.
Design concept: The environment background is novel and environmentally friendly. Under the control of the computer, the color changes thousands of times, reflecting the characteristics of the high-grade DISCO bar. Through the overall point-by-point control, cascading data transmission, and immediate response of the system, the overall control of the LED lighting inside the bar is achieved, and the corresponding color tone (such as displaying a simple change screen) and the atmosphere are adjusted.
3, design thinking
The LED screen display involves multidisciplinary technologies such as optics, electricity, control, mechanics, materials, and art. Designed to meet the visual effects of the environment while ensuring the lighting function.
The specific design may adopt a square light-emitting (display) unit, and the light-emitting (display) unit is composed of a plurality of LEDs, that is, a circuit board in which a plurality of LEDs are soldered in a square milky white PC protective cover. Such a square "bulb" pixel unit is arranged on a fireproof wooden board by positioning snap rings, screws, etc. according to a certain matrix arrangement, and the fireproof wooden board is mounted on the wall surface to form a square bulb outdoor LED screen wall, and an external connection. The video controller or computer constitutes a simple color wall screen display system. The entire color wall screen display system can achieve overall control of the LED lighting inside the bar through overall point-by-point control, cascade data transmission, and immediate response of the system, and adjust the corresponding color tone (such as displaying a simple change screen) and atmosphere. effect.
Reference: LED lighting color parameters
1 red (R) LED high brightness light tube wavelength 625nm
2 green (G) LED high brightness light tube wavelength 525nm
3 blue (B) LED high brightness light tube wavelength 470nm
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