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Main features of LED display control system and softwares
Indoor full-color LED display, the system adopts the latest LED technology and control theory, making the full-color LED display lower in price, more stable in performance, lower in power consumption, higher in resolution per unit area, more vivid in color, and composed There are fewer electronic components in the system, which reduces the failure rate.
     1. 256-level gray scale realized by algorithm, the color conversion space is used in the design, "point-by-point dynamic color compensation technology" is suitable for full-color LED display made of pure green tube or yellow-green tube, this technology makes LED display screen maker The color can keep the original image beautiful.
Main features of LED display control system and softwares
     2. The scanning field frequency reaches 240Hz or above, and the picture is stable and flicker-free. In practical applications, the camera is used to capture the display screen. The image observed in the camera is very clear. If there is TV broadcast on the spot, the display will not affect the quality of the broadcast picture. .
     3, the composition of the luminous tube: 1 red +1 pure green +1 blue.
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