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Characteristics of LED color wall rental stage flexible screen in LED technology
 LED stage wall screen is a new product of LED technology applied to the field of outdoor decorative lighting. Its working principle is composed of two parts of driving and control. The small LED square lamp is used as the light-emitting display unit, and the pixel unit of the square LED lamp is used. A certain matrix is ​​arranged to form a color display wall, and a video controller and a computer are connected.
Characteristics of LED color wall rental stage flexible screen in LED technology
    1, dynamic and static combination: during the day, show exquisite static inkjet ads; at night, display dynamic and varied content.
    2, strong visual impact: combined with gray coding technology, brightness control technology, nonlinear correction technology and so on a number of advanced LED control technology, so that the display screen is more visual impact than the neon, pure spray painting and other media methods. Text, picture, animation can be switched at will.
    3, low cost: low manufacturing cost, drive is low voltage drive, safe and reliable.
    4, Mobility: Standard box, any combination, can be easily disassembled after use, and then assembled and used.
    5, dynamic surface: dynamic LED billboards solve the problem of dynamic images difficult to achieve on curved buildings. The dynamic picture can be displayed on curved walls, roofs, bridges, etc.
    6. Applicable fields: large and medium-sized enterprise logo signs, new dynamic outdoor billboards, entertainment, cultural business signs, buildings, etc.
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