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LED indoor monochrome display system principle and control technology
System schematic
   LED electronic display is a high-tech product integrating optoelectronics and computer technology. The overall block diagram is as follows:
    Video function description:
    1. Hongyuan Integrity indoor monochrome video playback software uses C++ programming, powerful.
LED indoor monochrome display system principle and control technology
    2. Friendly interface, support DOS, WINDOWS98, WINDOWSNT WINDOWS2k WINDOWSXP operating system.
    3. Text: Various fonts, fonts and different text information can be played in a variety of languages. There are more than ten types of display, such as page turning, moving, rotating, scrolling, flashing, and snow.
    4. Video: Play video signals from various devices such as VCRs and DVD players, and zoom in or out on video signals.
    5. Animation: It can play 2D and 3D animations made by ANIMATORPRO, 3DS and other software, and support AVI signals collected by compression card. The software package has convenient interface, rich material library, shape library and advanced rendering technology. Can produce high-quality 3D animations, making advertising creatives a realistic reality.
    6. With the computer as the processing control center, the electronic screen and the computer display (VGA) window correspond to each other point by point, and the display content is synchronized in real time. The display map position is adjustable, and the size of the display screen can be arbitrarily selected.
    7. The display information can be edited, added, deleted and modified by different input methods such as keyboard, mouse and scanner.
    8. The playing program is stored in the control host, and the program playing sequence and time are realized to be integrated and alternately played, and can also be superimposed and played on each other.
    8. Development tools are based on the WINDOWS object-oriented multimedia operating platform, WYSIWYG.
Control technology features
    1. Single network cable transmission: A video cable can transmit video signals (two-color, 1024X1024 gray scale).
    2. Intelligent tracking function: The mouse can be used to drag the force large LED display area and the screen is locked.
    3. Extra large load capacity: the sending card is 1280X1024, and the receiving card is 1280X512.
    4. Adjustable brightness: In addition to the 256-level software adjustment, the receiving board has 8-level brightness adjustment interface, which can adjust the display manually or automatically.
    5. Network control: Remote release control can be performed. Any computer on the network can switch the display, control the display content, adjust the display brightness and so on.
    6. Long-distance transmission: Adopt advanced data transmission technology, use Gigabit network high-speed data communication chip, anti-static, anti-lightning, support long-distance transmission without relay, synchronous video screen communication distance is more than 100 meters, measured 130 meters .
    7. Stable and reliable: Using the latest international technology, using the world's popular ultra-large scale (2 million gates) FPGA devices, improve the stability and reliability of the control system, and support online upgrades.
    8. Software compatibility: Due to the use of hardware real-time synchronization technology, the entire process does not need to load any software, with an open software structure. The display can use DOS operating system or WINDOWS98, WINDOWSNT WINDOWS2k WINDOWSXP operating system. Users can create their own display programs, and use any of the popular graphics, images, animation, video and slideshow production software to create and program broadcasts. At the same time, a set of super graphic production and playback software is provided. Support hundreds of display modes to arrange various video and graphic information and play it automatically.
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