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Asynchronous graphic LED display control technology
Asynchronous mode means that the LED screen has the ability of storage and automatic playback. The edited text and non-grayscale pictures on the PC are transmitted to the LED screen through the serial port or other network interface, and then automatically played by the LED screen offline. Generally, there is no gray. Degree display capability, mainly used to display text and simple graphic information, and can be multi-screened. The main control PC will send the information and various control commands to the on-screen control board through serial communication. The control panel inside the screen contains the single-chip microcomputer and the memory. The on-screen control board stores the information and then displays it according to the command. On the screen.
The main ones include:
1 adapter
The host computer adopts the serial port RS232 protocol to go online through the RS232-RS485 adapter, and the adapter is optically isolated.
2 control panel
        Receiving the information to be displayed and various control commands transmitted by the PC through serial communication, the control board contains a single chip and a memory, and the on-screen control board stores the information and then displays it on the screen according to the command. Features are as follows:
• When the number of vertical points is less than 128, the number of horizontal points can be as long as 2000 points. If the vertical direction is 16 points, the horizontal direction is up to 4000 points.
Large-capacity memory supports one-level font Chinese character font and a large number of proprietary fonts, storage capacity of 16 screens
Can be controlled by computer or offline
 Information can be saved for 1 year after power failure
 With perpetual calendar real time clock function
Asynchronous graphic LED display control technology
3 single cable (four core)
        Four-wire system: one pair of differential twisted pair reception and another pair of differential twisted pair transmission. The communication distance is 1200 meters. Adopt bus-type networking structure, with a maximum load of 32 lower-level machines
4 PC programming software
        The special communication display screen LED  program programming software conforms to the LED graphic screen control protocol. Compilation and broadcast of text and image programs of multiple monochrome or dual-primary LED displays of different lengths and widths. Send up to 16 shows at a time.
5 LED graphic screen control protocol
? This protocol supports dot matrix monochrome, dual primary color text network LED display stage wall.
The networking form is bus type, the upper computer is a PC computer, and the lower computer is a single chip microcomputer in the LED display control board. The four-wire system is adopted, and the online protocol is RS485.
The host computer adopts the serial RS232 protocol to be converted and put online.
? Support TCP / IP protocol transmission
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