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Stadium sports LED display features-led outdoor display big sport hd tv led screen board
First, the unique structure
The outdoor sports LED display  screen is made up of many single LED cabinets. The LED cabinets are connected by snap-on connectors. This design can be easily and quickly disassembled for easy maintenance. There is a separate supporting foot behind each box. The angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted through the supporting feet. The angle range is adjustable from 65° to 90° to ensure the viewing angle of the audience.
Stadium sports LED display features-led outdoor display big sport hd tv led screen board
Second, security protection design
Considering that the player is fast and has a strong impact, the player and the LED fence screen must be protected. Therefore, the soft mask can be used in the design to effectively protect the screen and internal structure. Secondly, the top of the LED screen is soft. Pad, in case the player collides with the screen, both protect the player's body and ensure that the display can play normally.
Third, high protection level
The outdoor LED sdadium screen needs to withstand the test of harsh environments such as sun exposure, rain, high and low temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, earthquake resistance, typhoon, etc. Therefore, the protection level is at least IP65 or above, so the production process is relatively complicated, and the outdoor led stadium fence screen is guaranteed. Stability and security.
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