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The advantages of COB package LED display wall are great
The COB package is a structure in which a plurality of LED chips are directly mounted on a heat dissipation PCB substrate to directly conduct heat. The COB package integrates upstream chip technology, midstream packaging technology and downstream display technology. Therefore, COB packaging requires close cooperation between upstream, downstream and downstream enterprises to promote large-scale application of COB LED displays.
First, the theoretical advantages of COB packaging:
1. Design and development: Without the diameter of a single lamp body, it can be made even smaller in theory.
2. Technical process: reduce the cost of the bracket and simplify the manufacturing process, reduce the thermal resistance of the chip, and achieve high-density packaging.
3. Engineering installation: From the application side, the COB LED display panel module can provide LED display manufacturers with simpler and faster installation efficiency.
The advantages of COB package LED display wall are great
Second, the COB package LED display has the following characteristics:
1. Ultra-thin: According to the actual needs of customers, PCB board with thickness from 0.4-1.2mm can be used to reduce the weight to 1/3 of the original traditional products, which can significantly reduce the structural, transportation and engineering costs for customers.
2, anti-collision and compression: COB products directly encapsulate the LED chip in the concave lamp position of the PCB board, and then encapsulated and cured with epoxy resin glue, the surface of the lamp point is convex into a spherical surface, smooth and hard, and resistant to collision and wear. .
3, large viewing angle: the angle of view is greater than 175 degrees, close to 180 degrees, and has a better optical diffuse color twilight effect.
4, strong heat dissipation: COB products are packaged on the PCB board, the heat of the wick is quickly transmitted through the copper foil on the PCB board, and the copper foil thickness of the PCB board has strict technical requirements, plus immersion gold The process hardly causes severe light attenuation. Therefore, there are very few dead lights, which greatly extend the life of the LED display video screen.
5, wear-resistant, easy to clean: the surface is smooth and hard, collision-resistant and wear-resistant; no mask, dust can be cleaned with water or cloth.
6, all-weather excellent characteristics: the use of triple protection treatment, waterproof, moisture, corrosion, dust, static electricity, oxidation, UV effect is outstanding; to meet all-weather working conditions, the temperature difference of minus 30 degrees to zero 80 degrees can still be used normally.
COB packaging technology has many of the above advantages, allowing LED display manufacturers to see the opportunity, many companies have invested in this field, and already have finished products.
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