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LED display manufacturers must solve product reliability problems
In recent years, due to the rapid advancement of technology and technology, LED displays have made great progress in high-definition display, thus opening the door to the Shangxian market. Moreover, depending on the product's own characteristics, it has occupied a part of the market share of display products such as DLP and LCD.
According to relevant institutional data, in 2010, the Shangxian market maintained high growth. The commercial display market in mainland China reached 47.5 billion yuan, and relevant experts also looked forward to the future commercial market, and predicted that in 2018, China’s commercial market will It reached a scale of 58.88 billion yuan. The huge potential of Shangxian Market has made LED display companies that have tasted the sweetness rushing to increase R&D productivity. The LED display represented by “small pitch” continues this battle with DLP and LCD.
At present, the dot pitch of LED small pitch products is basically between P1.2-P2.0, and it is developed toward smaller pitches and even ultra-small pitches. As major manufacturers increase their investment in small-pitch products, coupled with the development of artificial intelligence, video processing, AR and other technologies, with the application of various new technologies, LED display screens are even more powerful, in the education market, security monitoring, More development opportunities have been gained in the retail and other fields. However, as the LED display continues to attack the city, we are also facing the embarrassment of "the city is lost."
As we all know, compared with DLP and LCD products, the biggest advantage of LED display is that it can achieve seamless splicing without being affected by the area. But whether it is LED, DLP, or LCD, it has its own limitations. At present, the biggest problem that plagues the LED display is the dead light problem. The use of discrete device LED displays is doomed to the problem of dead lights. Moreover, due to fierce competition in the industry, prices have largely become the main means of competition for companies. In order to ensure profits, the company can only control the cost more strictly in the process of producing LED display screens. From product design to manufacturing, we have tried to “cut the work and cut the materials”, thus increasing the quality of LED display.
In fact, in the early stage, many LED display users, especially government agencies, chose LED display screens, mainly under the guidance of policies, for the purpose of “early taste”. However, due to the prominent problem of the LED display "dead light", it seriously affected the normal use of the user, causing many customers to give up the LED display and return to the DLP and LCD when purchasing the display product twice.
It is not at all polite to say that many of our LED screen manufacturers are doing “one hammer” trading for a certain customer. Nowadays, despite the shrinking of the LED display screen, high-definition and intelligentization have become a trend. The industry hopes that the products with smaller spacing and more competitive products will have bigger cakes in the commercial field, but if the problem of dead lights That is to say, the reliability problem of the product can not be effectively solved, let alone the bigger cake, the LED display screen in this market hard to lay down, may gradually disintegrate.
Some of our companies are aware of this problem. In order to solve this problem, they have also invested huge talents and financial resources, but the results are not very satisfactory. Some focus on the continuous improvement of small spacing, while others will take a different approach and focus on the COB.
The prosperity and development of Shangxian Market has provided us with huge business opportunities for LED display. In addition to the dead light problem, the current LED display also has great problems in the display effect and the viewing experience. Compared with DLP and LCD, LED display is a kind of “sharp” display product, and it is not “close to the people” in this respect. Especially in terms of price, it does not have any advantage. Moreover, for the current "touch screen" development trend of the commercial market, LCD can be said to have a natural advantage. With this advantage, LCD can be said to have revived its "second spring" in the Shangxian market. It can be foreseen that the competition in the market in the future will be a competition that combines the display effect, the comfort of the experience and the price.
Therefore, in the future, our LED display screens will continue to develop in this market in the long run. It is imperative to solve the reliability problems such as display effects and dead lights. This has become a difficult problem that our LED display companies must overcome.
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