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In the sign culture, let's meet the LED display future!
Introduction: The advertisement is very sharp, because it can penetrate into all aspects of society and economy; the advertisement is very soft, because it can hold up the gentleness of all kinds of humanity in life. From fancy sonar, to online diversion purchases, to scene depth integration, the “wide and informative” model emerges endlessly.
      Outdoor advertising led display is the most intuitive embodiment of a country's economic prosperity. It has a long history and can be traced back to the ancient ad campaigns. It is a form of advertising that has been verified by time and market. This shows that outdoor advertising is a promotion method formed by buying and selling transactions.
In the sign culture, let
      Take a trip to Jia, a trick. In the recruitment, we can see the past and future of Chinese commercial civilization.
      As an embryonic form of advertising, ancient Chinese recruiting has gradually evolved into our new visual communication culture. In modern times, national industries and overseas industries have had a huge impact on traditional businesses, which has squashed traditional handicrafts. At this time, the culture of recruiting began to change: no longer limited to a single form of expression, it is simpler and more pragmatic in style, and the content is more concise and clear. Posters, light boxes, signs, etc. have become the new bearing of modern and modern culture.
      At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the "Old Shanghai" under the cover of the night, the culture of Zhao Bian reveals luxury, stunning and charm.
      Along with the urban reform and opening up, the recruitment culture is gradually saying goodbye to the new development stage of optimization and consolidation. Now, we are more accustomed to using a simple word - "advertising" to refer to it. Since the end of the last century, with the increase of people's tourism and leisure activities and the extensive use of high-tech, outdoor media has become the new darling of advertisers, and its growth rate is much higher than traditional TV, newspaper and magazine media. Outdoor advertising also cites many new materials, new technologies, and new equipment. It is used as a carrier for neon lights, electronic display devices, outdoor advertising machines, outdoor display screens, outdoor electronic reading columns, information kiosks, and display cards. A kind of art is one of the symbols of the degree of urban economic development.
      The feast of the lights, the traffic, and the advertising of the streets have become the unique cultural symbols of this era.
      Due to the “outstanding” Chinese economy in the global economy, more and more multinational companies are entering China, and the competition in various industries is becoming more and more fierce. All walks of life are eager to rapidly enhance their corporate image and disseminate business information. The government also hopes to establish a city image through outdoor advertising and beautify the city. These factors have stimulated the rapid growth of the outdoor advertising industry. In the process of development, many big-name advertisements have been difficult to integrate the urban style. Local governments have successively cancelled the approval of canvas advertisements and light box advertisements, and encouraged the use of outdoor LED screens, which directly promoted the development of LED display companies such as Lianchengfa. . The combination of these LED large screens and the city's appearance has often made consumers accept advertising very naturally.
      The LED display, which is integrated with the city's architecture, is full of fashion and technology elements, helping the city to become more colorful.
      In the field of outdoor advertising industry segmentation, the outdoor electronic screen advertising market, the bus body advertising market and the elevator graphic advertising market have attracted much attention due to the wide coverage of the audience and the good advertising effect. Among them, the outdoor electronic screen advertising market has a large share in the outdoor advertising market. In 2016, China's outdoor electronic screen advertising market reached 13.102 billion yuan, and the large LED electronic screen advertising market reached 2.354 billion yuan.
      According to incomplete statistics, enterprises' investment in outdoor advertising is increasing at an annual rate of 25%. Nowadays, many advertising companies are paying more and more attention to the realization of advertising and the realization of design effects. Top creative ideas, great location, and large ad sizes are the key to winning classic outdoor advertising. With the advancement of media technology, the development of high-tech has provided space for the expression of outdoor advertising. The ingenious combination of optoelectronic art has made the visual impact of outdoor advertising to the fullest. The important carrier of outdoor advertising - LED display The prospects are thriving. In the future, I believe that with the prosperity of the economy and the promotion of personalized management, advertising will pay more attention to users' feelings and more resonate with users.
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