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The opportunity for LED display manufacturers to enter more vast display market
Recently, a number of policies have been introduced in various places across the country to expand domestic demand. The policy focuses on expanding imports and promoting consumption upgrades. Information consumption has become the focus of local expansion of consumption upgrading policies. Fujian, Yunnan, Hebei, Guangdong, Henan and other places have introduced implementation plans to further expand and upgrade the information consumption and continue to release domestic demand potential.
Information consumption is a macro concept that covers all aspects of economic life, covering areas such as production and consumption, living consumption, and management consumption. The upgrade of information consumption will cover the construction of smart cities and the construction of Internet of Things. Display terminals are an indispensable part of information consumption, and there is bound to be much to do. Among them, our LED display can be used in smart terminals, security monitoring, intelligent transportation and other aspects.
The opportunity for LED display manufacturers to enter more vast display market
In recent years, China's LED display manufacturers have optimized the surface mount (SMD) technology in recent years. The small-pitch LED display has rapidly expanded the domestic LED display application market and rapidly expanded to the world. The development of small pitches also boosted the development of LED displays towards high definition. Nowadays, 2K technology of LED display screen has been popularized, and 4K and 8K technologies are gradually emerging. Especially with the introduction of HDR technology, the development direction of LED display in HD display can be said to have taken a big step forward.
At the same time, thanks to the development of small-pitch HD, the LED display has been given a chance to expand in the Shangxian market. The rapid occupation has replaced a part of the market share that originally belonged to LCD and DLP. In the future, in the field of high-definition display, small spacing Will certainly occupy a larger market share.
However, we must also see that although the LED display has expanded its application range and the display has tasted the sweetness through the improvement of the technical process, we can't ignore it. The LED display is still an engineering product. Show engineering projects as the leading factor. The application of small-pitch LED displays in the Shangxian market is still in its infancy. LED displays are almost out of the market for consumer electronics. The upgrade of the consumer market may be an opportunity for small-pitch LED displays.
In recent years, China's consumer market has maintained steady and rapid growth, its scale has steadily expanded, and its structure has continued to optimize. It has become the world's second largest consumer goods market and the largest online retail market. The fundamental role of consumption in economic development has increased significantly. In the first quarter of this year, the contribution rate of consumption to economic growth reached 77.8%. Observers agree that in the future, the state will increase efforts to encourage domestic industrial upgrading, encourage new and high-efficiency production capacity through credit and tax incentives, and increase investment in research and development in related high-tech industries to enhance the core competition of Chinese manufacturing in the world. force.
The development of technology is inseparable from the promotion of the market. China's huge consumer market just provides us with an excellent opportunity for LED display companies.
In the future, I believe that there will be more policies to expand domestic demand in China. In terms of consumption upgrades, ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are mulling a policy of expanding consumption upgrades. Some analysts believe that the future high-end manufacturing sector may be an important policy focus of “expanding domestic demand”. All this is good, indicating that China is in the stage of upgrading and upgrading the consumption structure. If we can seize this opportunity, In time to upgrade the technical process, the future development space will be infinite. Advances in technology will inevitably also feed back the market. Perhaps, this will also be an opportunity to promote the future entry of LED displays into the home display market.
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