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Outdoor fixed LED display|10mm outdoor LED display

Specification of P10mm outdoor LED display

Item 10mm outdoor LED Display(960*960mm)
Pixel Pitch: 10mm 10mm 10mm

Driving Method :




LED type : SMD3535 DIP346 DIP5454
Brightness: ≥5500cd/㎡
Pixel density 10000pix/㎡
Viewing angle: 140°H and 120°v 120°H and 60°v 140°H and 120°v

Module Size(W*H)


Cabinet Size(W*H)

Cabinet weight: 42kg
Cabinet Material: Aluminum
Avarage Power Consumption: 525 W/㎡ 260 W/㎡ 525 W/㎡
Max Consumption : 1250 W/㎡ 750 W/㎡ 1250 W/㎡
Refresh rate: >1200HZ
Color Depth: 14bit 14bit 14bit
voltage : 200-240V 200-240V 200-240V
IP Rrating (Front/Rear): IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54
Operating temperature : -20-60 degree
Storage temperature: -40-70 degree
Operation humidity: 10-90%
Storage humidity: 10-90%
Life span (hrs) ≥55000
Control system Linsn/Nova
Compliant standard: CE,FCC,RoHS,CCC

features of 10mm outdoor LED display

Cabinet structure is with light weight and standardization: adopting high strength metal process, achieving high precision, light weight and other outstanding features; uniform image picture with high refresh frequency and gray level to realize the vivid effect.

High bearing strength and fast installation through the connecting plate. With flexible installation, such as embedded installation, post mounting,etc. It would not occur the extrusion and deformation phenomenon between the modules when the display is working under the high and low temperatures.

Achieve low heat, low noise and low radiation: through the good structure design, ensure Low decibel value and stable performance when it works in the normal temperature; Passed the EMC test.

High voltage thermal pull out plug in application: It will not strike fire during pull out the plug process, and fully accomplish the phenomenon such as waterproof, anti-interference, corrosion resistance,etc.

The module cases with the handle for installation and maintenance, the mask is not reflective, and resistance to ultraviolet ray, do not fade for 5 years, contrast to 1000:1, cabinet flatness coefficient < 0.5 mm, power factory can reach more than 88%.

Double backup data and applications of optical fiber system, ensures that the screen can work in high efficiency, stability, security situation. The rational allocation of light sensor, the led display will in the best work state and dynamic energy saver by adjusting automatically the screen brightness according to the change of the external environment to save the operating cost effectively.

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