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Prospects for LED electronic screen video wall applications
When the first monochromatic LED electronic screen came out, no one thought that there is no electronic screen that does not exist now. Looking at the development of the LED electronic screen industry, from simple advertising screens to the current smart transportation, smart cities, smart shoes, smart trash cans, and other diversified developments.
Prospects for LED electronic screen video wall applications
The old industry fields include advertising and media led screen, entertainment and culture, sports, and traffic guidance.
Let’s talk about the field of advertising and media separately. LED electronic screens and advertising fields are simply a natural pair. It can be said that without the existence of LED electronic screens, the development of the advertising industry has not been so fast. The sound is perfectly combined, and the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, bright main body, novel design, vivid image, simple and bright, etc. can be said to perfectly show the needs of the advertising industry. Moreover, LED electronic screen advertisements take a long time, high frequency, and more information, which can produce greater advertising benefits. Advertising media led electronic screens are mainly used in various places such as bustling streets, shopping malls, square parks, building buildings, landmark buildings, stations and airports, and led electronic screens can meet.
The old industry field briefly said here, let’s talk about the emerging black technology
Maybe you feel that the advertising machine, video, and movie ads are all out, but smart trash cans, smart earrings, smart tableware, smart shoes. Have you heard or seen anything. With the development of the industry entering the popularization, designers have begun to open their minds, and various black technologies appear frequently. Are you ready for a new world, a world full of various LED atmospheres. If you have this requirement, welcome to the company. You are welcome to join.
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