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Full Color LED Display Solution knowledge and trends
How to Maintenance the LED Display?
Like many traditional Electronic products, LED display screen not only need us pay attention to the way of use the process of using , but also need us to know the maintenance the LED display .Through that,it useing  life will be longer .Here are ten ways of how to maintenance the LED display .
1Keeping the full color LED display of humidity use environment,do not let any have moisture things  go into it.If we let the humidity  full color LED display in electric,it will cause the corrosion of full-color display components, and cause permanent damage.
2The most closely to our user is full color LED display screen. It is very necessary to do well the maintenance work.If the display prolonged exposure in outdoor environment having wind, sun,dust ,it will easily to dirty. After a long time,there are certainly dust on the screen ,which need to be cleaned timely to prevent dust long time parcel surface to influence the watching effect.
3To avoid meet some problem, we can combine the passive protection with active protection,and try to keep away from the items that will caused some damage to display screen .When you clean the screen ,please gently wipe as much as possible,to minimize the possibility of injury to the LED display .
4Advising the rest time of led electronic display is above two hours every day.In the rainy season,the large LED display screen at least rest one week or more than once. At least turn on the screen once on a month,light up more than 2 hours

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At previous chapter ,we have already talk about four ways to maintenance LED display panel. In this article, we will continue to talk about this topic.
5:It require the stability power supply , and having good grounding protection, do not use it  in  bad weather conditions especially in the thunder weather.
6 Do not let the conductive metal such as water and iron powder go into the LED display cabinet. Please use the LED display screen in a low dust environment, because the big dust will not only influence the display effect but also be harmful to the circuit. If have water went into  the outdoor led display or others types products due to various reasons,please turn off it timely and keep in touch with the maintenance staff,  until the screen display board dry it can use .
7 Please pay attention to the switching sequence of LED display .
A: Turn on the control computer and then open it to the normal operation of large LED display.
 B: Turn off LED display, then turn off the computer.
8 Do not  let the LED display in the all-white, all red, all green, all blue and other bright screen for a long time ,to avoid excessive current, power cord excessive heating, LED light damage, then affect the using life of LED display .Do not disassemble,stitching screen .
9 You can use alcohol to wipe the surface of LED display , or use the brush, cleaner for dust. Do not use the damp cloth direct to wipe it .
10 LED display screen need to check it whether it can be working normally ,check the LED display module for damage, and maintenance or replace the damaged module .The non-professionals are prohibited to touch  the line in LED display cabinet , in order to avoid electric shock,or caused damage to the line. If a problem occurred,please let the expert to repair it
Pixels Uncontrolled Rate in LED Display Screen
In this article, we'd like to talk about pixels uncontrolled rate in LED display screen. It refers to the proportion of minimum image display unit (pixel)  uncontrolled .
There are two types  of  it  
one is in need of light when it is not bright, called blind spot ;another type  is  in need of  not bright  when it always having bright ,  it  called  often  highlights. Usually , the composition of  pixels is 2R1G1B(two red、 one green and one blue light , the following statement is in same reason) 、1R1G1B、2R1G、3R6G etc.   Uncontrolled  generally  is not the  red 、green and blue light  in one  pixel are all out of controlled, but  if only one of the lights  is  out of controlled , we think that  the pixel is out of control. For simplicity , we statistics and calculate  the uncontrolled pixel  is according to each color LED display (i.e. red, green, blue) ,then we  regard  the maximum value as the display pixels out of control.
The proportion of display pixels out of control in the total number of pixels in the full screen is called  "full-screen pixel control rate." of led electronic display. In addition , in order to avoid runaway pixelconcentrated in a certain area , we put forward the "regional pixel control rate", that is to say in the 100X100 pixel area , the number of uncontrolled  pixels and the regional total number of pixels (ie 10000) ratio. as for ” the uncontrolled  pixels is discrete distribution”  in    "LED display general specification" SJ/T11141-2003, this index requirements were quantified  , convenient and intuitive.
At present, the LED display in domestic would be aging (baking machine) before they send out to factory , they will maintenance and replace the uncontrolled LED light , it is no problem that the “full-screen pixel control rate” is controlled within 1/104 and the "regional pixel control rate" is within3/104 .And  even some led display manufacturers are not allowed  having  out of control pixels before  the factory, but it will increase the manufacturing maintenance costs and extend  the delivery time . In different applications, the actual requirements of pixels out of control is big difference .In general , if the LED display is used to show the video, the index control in 1 / 104 is acceptable and also can be achieved, but if  it is only used to show the simple characters information , the index control in 12/104  is reasonable.
How to Choose the Specifications of Full Color LED Display?
1 If the environment is different, the corresponding waterproof requirements are not the same, and it depends on the position of LED display is outdoor, semi-outdoor or indoor. Waterproof requirement of the outdoor led display is high, generally above IP65. According to in what kind of environment, we can know the general choose range is outdoor full color display, semi-outdoor full color display, or indoor full color display. 
2The viewing distance is very important; it directly determines which kind of LED display model you will purchase. Generally speaking, the generally module of indoor full color LED display is P6, P7.62, P10, p12 etc; while the outdoor full color LED display is P10,P12,P16,P20 etc . These are conventional, but also such as pixel screen, curtain screen, the special specification model without the same screen. The figures behind the conventional P are the distance between lamp beads, in millimeters. In general, the minimum distance of our visual is equivalent to the size of P behind the figures. The best spacing of P10 is 10 m; this method is only use as approximate estimates.     
Another scientific method is that calculated the density of lamp in per square .For example, the point density of P10 is 10000 points / square, the best distance is equal to 1400 divided by (the square root of the density of points). P10 is 1400/10000= 1400/100 = 14 open square meters, so the best observation of P10 screen is 14 meter away.
The above two methods are directly determines the full color LED display model .Pay attention to the following two points when you are choosing: 
1 environment of the LED display.
2 the distance from the best observation position to the screen. Only by understanding these, you can choose to match with your environment, and achieve the best results of the full color LED display.
Special Considerations of Outdoor LED Display Screen
The outdoor LED display mainly has the following problems: 
owing to  the display screen is installed in the outdoor environment as advertising signs etc,will often exposure in the sun,splashed wet in the rainy day, suffer the wind blowing and dust covered, it working in the bad condition. If the electronic equipment is become seriously wet or damp, it can cause short-circuit or even catch fire, causing fault or fire, lead to the losses. LED display may suffer the attacks of strong electric and strong magnetic which due to the thunder.
The working environment temperature of led display is change greatly. When the display is at  working ,it always send out a certain amount of heat ,if the environment temperature  too high and the  heat not dissipate smoothly, it will cause the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even burned down, so that the display system cannot work normally.
In view of the above special requirements, outdoor LED screen must be done:
1: The screen and the screen body and architecture combine department must be strictly waterproof leak. The screen body must have good drainage; if occurred water accumulation, the water can smoothly discharge. 
2: The display and the building must install the lightning protection device. 
3: The shell and the main body of led outdoor display maintains good grounding, grounding resistance less than 3 ohm, so the large current caused by lightning can discharge timely.
4:In order to reduce the temperature, it need to installed the ventilation system, so that can control the temperature of the led display body is between -10℃ and 40℃. 
5 Behind the screen body , must installed the axial flow fan, to exhaust heat .
6:In order to ensure the viewing effect in the bright environment of the led display under long-range , high brightness light emitting diodes must be selected. 
7:Selection of working temperature between -40℃ and 80℃ industrial integrated circuit chip, prevent the winter temperature is too low so that the screen cannot start.
As a company must pay attention to the LED display technology: Pixel Correction
Attenuation of the LED itself, will affect the LED display of the "life", then the cost considerations, the correct display of how to improve the life of it?
LED display is composed of a number of LED's, and even the same batch of LED, brightness and wavelength dispersion is also large, which leads to inconsistent display (Huaping) problem. If different batches of the LED to be used in combination, then the display will be more consistency is poor, "the video, dirty screen" phenomenon will be more serious, serious impact on viewing. So far only point by point correction technique can improve the consistency of the entire screen display, lifelike color reproduction level, and a mature point of correction can be achieved by different batches of LED production mix, and ensure consistency of the entire screen display good color reproduction more realistic. Point by point correction technology also enables a large screen display in the viewing field to select the appropriate locations on-site calibration, to ensure that the display position in the field to watch the high degree of consistency. This feature can provide customers with value-added services that display in the use of relatively long period of time (one year) after the decay of the inconsistency led to the LED display "Huaping" phenomenon, in the field of display can be provided to customers point by point calibration services, greatly improved screen display, like the new screen-like.
LED display technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, point by point correction technique in which the rise of technology in recent years, one of the industry will become a must-have technology. In the course of the LED light will be bad, install the application on the screen, the screen uniformity will decrease. Therefore, on-site re-calibration technology LED display manufacturers should become another important technique to master. Dakco Industrial Holdings Ltd. Will constantly strive for the early R & D to fully grasp these two important technologies to provide customers with better products and services.
Industry on the development prospects of LED display
LED display seems to have entered a season, LED display showing how future development will be a trend yet. Many in the industry for the future development of LED display some analysis, if so, you can based on the actual LED display dealer situation, refer to the following.
Large amounts of capital into the LED industry, on the one hand quickly down the costs for the industry, it also exposed the many problems of disorderly competition. Once the core technology, insufficient manpower shortage and other sectors can not be improved, LED industry is still subject to the shortest of the short board, and can not achieve the desired capacity.
Throughout the crisis facing overcapacity in this year's LED industry has periodically invested state of serious overheating. In this case, there is a voice of industry, LED how to deal with excess capacity? Evidently, a lot of LED lighting companies have mastered the current low-power chip technology, and high-power LED lighting on the epitaxial material demanding, in this context, the Chinese companies in the LED in order to capture a slice of the upstream industry chain is extremely difficult, and only a small part of the business can survive in the cracks. Insiders pointed out, LED market access threshold is low, the initial investment of 100 million plant can make LED projects have been started all over, and many had never set foot in the LED industry, companies have also joined them.
According to expert analysis, LED explosive situation seems a bit with the previous polysilicon LCD panels and similar. From the current and planned construction projects statistics show, LED production capacity of at least 3-5 borrowing against future market demand. After the completion of a large number of LED projects will highlight the LED industry is not concentrated, excess capacity, market disorderly competition and lack of skills and other thorny issues.
The worry is that while investment in Redu high, but the market is not optimistic. This year the price of the sapphire substrate has been declining. According to related statistics show that from January to July this year, 2-inch sapphire substrate prices from the beginning up to $ 35 / piece, down to the current $ 13 / piece -15 USD / piece, the average fell by more than 50%.
It should be pointed out that the upper reaches of the excess capacity will inevitably lead to the LED chip prices, while the LED chip in the product the higher the proportion of total cost, so that the end product is likely to further price cuts.
If you can bring the market price is also something that is not a universal way, but the problem is also reflected in the technology. LED tube lamp than the average price is indeed high, but not a major problem. Many small and medium enterprises in the production of LED lamps do not pass the quality and technology, often necrosis. Companies need to devote more efforts in the application of technology, rather than to invest in the upstream.
The Definition of LED Display
LED is the English abbreviation of light-emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode ) . Light Emitting Diode is a electronic apparatus, it can convert the electrical energy into light energy electronic and having the diode characteristics. The Internal structure of light emitting diode is a PN junction. When the electrons and caves in the light emitting diode are composited, the electronic transition from the high energy level to a low energy level, the electronic release  the excess energy in the way of emission of photons (electromagnetic wave), to produce the  electroluminescence phenomenon
LED luminous color and luminous efficiency are related to production of LED materials and processes. At present, the red, green, and blue are widely used .
Since LED low voltage (only 1.5-3V), it can take the initiative to lightness and have certain brightness ,the  brightness can used for voltage (or current) regulation , which itself has impact resistance ,vibration resistance, long life (100,000 hours), so in large display device, there  is no other display way can compared with LED display  screen.
LED display is a display device that composed of the arranged light-emitting diodes. It uses  low-voltage scanning driver ,has the advantage of long service life , low cost, high brightness, small fault , large viewing angle ,far viewing distance , color and pattern changes rich , dynamic real-time response speed, etc. LED display screen adopts modular in design, display area is according to the size of any unit module arbitrarily splicing.
led electronic display can be used to display a wide variety of propagate messages, which can be used to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals .it has large information content and also has many display ways ,such as text, graphics, images, animation and video 

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