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P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.
P10 full color screen, front maintenance cabinet LED display production, 960*960mm cabinet, front disassembly module, 200 square meters from stock, you can place an order, ship immediately, welcome to order!
●The cabinet can be maintained before and after, and can be installed without maintenance channels, saving space and cost, and improving work efficiency.
●It has an ultra wide viewing angle of 120 degrees horizontally and vertically, and the brightness is up to 5500CD/m2.
●The cabinet can be stacked and hoisted, and the screwless fixing process is adopted to make the installation and operation more convenient.
●RGB deep grayscale processing, rich and delicate colors, clear and natural picture.
●Close-fitting sealed heat dissipation structure, according to the heat effect is better.
●The cabinet error is controlled within 0.1mm, the flatness of the screen is higher
●High-strength anti-aging fabric, IP65 protection grade, can withstand any harsh environment test.
●The connector uses professional-grade aviation plug, and the quality and safety are guaranteed.
P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.

P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.

P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.

P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.

P10 front service led video walls are ready in our stocks.
Applications :
Suitable for outdoor advertising, shopping malls, squares, theme parks, gymnasiums and other places.
 [Notes on customizing outdoor full-color LED display]
The user who wants to make the screen can provide the following information:
1. Installation location: such as outdoor mall wall, roof, glass exterior wall, square open space, etc.
2. Installation style: wall sticking, wall mounting, wall fixing, steel frame pillar support or mobile performance?
3. Use: What do you need to play, text, picture or video? Or are there any special requirements?
4. Size: Provide the length, height or area of ​​the screen to be made.
5. Model: If you don't understand it, you can consult the manufacturer for the recommended model.
6. Site photos: If possible, provide photos of the location of the installation site, you can take pictures with your mobile phone
7. If the site installation is restricted, please measure the external dimensions of the installation location first.
The entire LED display is installed and commissioned for use, and a series of costs are required. If you can provide the above information, you can make a detailed quotation plan for you, including the display screen material specifications, technical parameters, configuration equipment, payment methods, construction period, transportation, installation process, after-sales service and quality assurance, etc. I believe what you want to know is in the quotation plan.
[What are the general installation styles of outdoor full-color LED displays? 】
Wall-mounted steel frame fixed installation outdoor LED display:
The entire large LED screen on the wall is composed of small modules, usually the small modules are assembled into the cabinet, and the cabinet is then assembled into the entire screen. The outdoor LED display box is generally a simple iron box or a sealed waterproof iron box. The simple box is waterproof on the front, and there is no back cover on the back. It is waterproof on the front of the sealed iron box, and the back is sealed with a back cover and a cooling fan. It has a certain waterproof function. The outdoor LED display made by our company has waterproof function on the front, and the protection level reaches IP65. [Note: Even if it is installed with a simple cabinet, users do not need to worry about waterproofing problems. Because the outdoor screen is installed completely, it will be decorated with aluminum plastic panels after the *** and will be waterproofed, so the screen is said The whole is still a sealed waterproof. Moreover, the simple box is used for lower production cost, the whole screen has good heat dissipation performance and good flatness. 】The whole screen is installed with a thickness of about 80-100cm, and the back is repaired.
Professionally provide you with LED display price, engineering design solutions, engineering installation and other services, 3 years of after-sales, lifetime maintenance, tailor-made exquisite, stable, reliable and high-quality LED display
LED indoor full color screen, suitable for hotels, bars, real estate marketing centers, schools, institutions, high-definition display screens, can be fixed on the wall, can also be moved to build the stage, very practical, welcome to order!
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