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The Application of Transparent LED Screen in the Field of Architectural Media

The Application of Transparent LED Screen in the Field of Architectural Media


What is architectural media? When we consider the building as the information carrier, that’s it. With the development of  LED photoelectric technology, the technology of architectural media has made great progress. During recent years, it has been widely used in the market, but not without problems. After hard and tedious attempts, we have come up with various solutions, especially in the application of glass wall screen. Thus a new super transparent LED screen appeares.With the qualities of super transparence and ultra light, it has obvious advantages in the field of architectural media.

The high buildings in the cities have become idea carriers for outdoor advertisements. Using the technologies of LED 、laser and projector, people try to make the whole building become a three-dimensional photoelectric advertising carrier. This technology is called architectural media, and it has become very popular during recent years. At the same time, we also realize that the glass walls make up the vast majority in the modern buildings, especially in the newly-built ones, but how to make these glass wall buildings become architectural media and make the best use of their commercial values are still hot technical subjects. It needs to solve three problems:
(1) Try to avoid destroying the appearance and structure of the glass wall screen
(2) Try to maintain the transparence of the glass wall screen
(3) Try to make the expressive force of architectural media best
Ⅱ. Existing Technology 
In order to solve the stated problems, various solutions have appeared in the market.

2.1 LED Pixel Lamp、Guardrail Tube
Using the LED pixel lamp and guardrail tube to light the buildings is the universal technology. They are always installed in the shape of buildings or the unit joint of glass wall screen. This method of installation is cheap、easy to fix and control, but they can merely achieve a so-so and passable performance. Even though we fill all the facades with LED pixel lamp and guardrail tube, the building can only demonstrate some simple pattern and text information, it’s far from an ideal performance.

2.2 Box-typed LED screen
Box-typed LED screen has a high resolution. If we install the box-typed LED screen in the exterior wall, we can get a very clear visual effect. But it’s very big (40—70kg/㎡),requiring to design additional steel-frame structure to install, so it’s expensive and also make the exterior wall bear high load. Meanwhile, it’s light-proof, which make the glass wall screen lose its lighting function. When the LED glass wall screen is out of power, it looks just like a black wall, which extrely affect the appearance of the building.

2.3 Grid LED screen
Grid LED screen has a certain degree of transparence, which make sure the glass wall has about 40% light-gathering and transparent effect, meanwhile it can be installed in a large area. But it also has defects-- the resolution is very low. The pixel pitch is above 40mm, sometimes it has to achieve 60mm-100mm to guarantee a certain degree of transparence, so its screen can not reach a clear image displaying effect. At the same time, when it’s installed in the outdoor large area ,it demands a higher standard on the construction and maintenance, moreover it’s very expensive. At the very first time when the building is designed, the load-bearing、installation and maintenance of the screen has to be considered.

2.4 Projection
We have also used the projector to reflect the image on the wall. But as is known to all, the illumination of existing projector is still very low, and the bulb is expensive, with a short life-span. Meanwhile, the projector can not be used in a wide area, so it has not been widely used in the field of architectural media. It’s unnecessary to go into details here.
Ⅲ. Super Transparent LED Screen

With 70%-95% transparence,  has made a super transparent LED screen. The panel thickness is just 10mm, so the LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly integrated with the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass and has little influence on the light-gathering and transparence of the glass wall. It’s also easy to install and maintain. With all these advantages, the super transparent LED screen is very suitable in the field of architectural media.

This design greatly decreases the structural unit’s blocks to the view, at the same time greatly increases the transparence of the glass wall. When the audiences stand in an idea position, the super transparent LED screen can create a special displaying effect-- to the audiences the pictures appear to float on the glass wall. If you display advertisements on the super transparent LED screen, you can get rid of the unnecessary bottom color ,and change the color to dark which don’t give off  light when the super transparent LED screen is played, just like it’s disappearing, thus the screen only displays the needed content. This playing method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption, which is above 30% lower than the common LED screens.

The advantages and outstanding features of the newly super transparent LED screen

(1) High transparence which guarantees the lighting requirements and viewing angel fields among the light-gathering structures ,such as floors 、glass facades and windows. Thus it maintains the original light-gathering and transparence of the glass wall.

(2) Room-free. The motherboard thickness is only 10mm,and the weight of the screen is 12Kg/㎡,so the architectural structure don’t need to change in order to fit the newly super transparent LED screen.

(3) Don’t need the steel-frame structure which can save a large number of money to install and maintain. The newly super transparent LED screen can be maintained indoors, so it’s very convenient.

(4) Unique displaying effect. Since the background is transparent, the picture just likes floating on the glass wall, so it has a very good advertising and artistic effect.
Project Example: A large water curtain moonlight stage, which adopted the glass wall screen, was built around a new square in the Huaqing Hot Spring scenic spot,Lintong,Xian in 2012.Since behind the square was a large-scale shopping malls, at night when the LED screen was displayed video images ,it was acting as the stage setting ,but at daytime the whole LED screen was required to be transparent. The newly super transparent LED screen fitted all the requirements. Displayed with the water curtain, sound and other technology products, the spot effect was astonishing.

Ⅳ. The Market Potentials

We all believe that the newly super transparent LED screen has opened up new realms and has wide market prospect, especially in the field of architectural media .It’s estimated that the total installed area of the modern glass wall screen in China is surpass 70 million square meters, mainly in the urban areas. It can be used in many field, such as the representive buildings in cities 、airports、 automobile 4s shops、 hotels banks 、chain stores and so on. The great demand for the newly super transparent LED screen is a potential market for outdoor media advertisements. With the outdoor media advertising resources being exhausted, the newly super transparent LED screen surely has a bright future. 

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