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The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, Bus Stop
The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, Bus Stops & Railway Stations for Advertising Purpose, Live Outdoor Events and many other places. Our engineers have designed Outdoor LED Video Walls for excellent picture quality. You will be amazed by the degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution that our Outdoor LED Video Walls feature.  Besides, amazing picture quality, our Outdoor Led Screens are extremely power efficient. All these factors have lined us up among the leading LED Display Screen Suppliers. On top of that, no other Outdoor Led Display Screen Supplier offers such advanced display units at the prices that we do.

Item Parameters
Model: P6.67 P8 P10
Pixel Pitch (mm): 6.67 8 10
Pysical Density dot/m2: 22,477 15,625 10,000
LED Arrangements : 1R1G1B 1R1G1B DIP(1R1G1B)
LED Type: SMD3535 SMD3535  
Module Size (mmxmm): 320X320 320X320 320X320
Module Resolution (PXxPX): 48X48 40X40 32X32
Module Power Consumption (W): 70 70  
Drive Mode: 1/8 dynamic scan 1/5 dynamic scan 1/4 dynamic scan
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg): 140 140 140
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg): 140 140 50
Brightness cd/m2: 4500 4500 6000cd/m2
Refresh Rate(Hz): >800 >1000 1000
Cabinet Resolution (PXxPX): 96X96 80X80 96X96
Cabinet Max Power Consumption (W): 300 300 980W/m2
Cabinet Average Power Consumption (W): 120 120 343W/m2
Cabinet Size (mmxmm): 640X640 640X640 960X960
Cabinet Weight (Kg): 14.5 14.5 44
Cabinet Thickness (mm): 88 88 120
Cabinet Material: ALU           AC110V-220V+/-10%           60fps           Outdoor           10 %-90%           (-) 200c to (+) 400c          1,00,000 Steel / Aluminium
Input Voltage (V): AC220V+-10%,50Hz
Refresh Frame Frequency : 60fps
Working Environment: Outdoor
Working Humidity(0C): 20%-90%
Working Temperature (0C): (-) 200c to (+) 600c
Life Span (H):

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