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Indoor fixed LED display| 6mm indoor LED display

Specification 6mm indoor LED display

Item Indoor installation LED display series
Pixel Pitch: 6mm
Pixel density(pix/m2) 27777
LED type : SMD3528
Viewing angle: H140°,V140°
Brightness:(nits) ≥1300
Driving Method : 1/8
Driver IC MBI5024
Color Depth: 14bit
Refresh rate:(Hz) 1000
Module Size(W*H) 192×96mm
Cabinet Size(W*H) 576×576mm
Cabinet Material: Aluminum
Cabinet weight(kg): 11.5
voltage : 110/220V
Avarage Power Consumption: 480 W/㎡
Max Consumption : 1150 W/㎡
maintenance way: rear repair
IP Rrating: IP31
Operating temperature : -20℃~ 50℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~ 60℃
Operation humidity: 10~90%RH
Storage humidity: 10~90%RH
Life span (hrs) ≥50000
Compliant standard: CCC、CE、ROHS

features of 6mm indoor LED display

The design has the features of "light","thin", "fine", "penetrate ". Convenient installation, withstand wind and dustproof. Application for the stage and surrounding.
This product has been applicated at many fields such as stage, bar, entertainment TV and so on, it has been shown the unique artistic charm and aesthetic feeling of space imagination.
The brightness can be adjusted from 500 nits to 2000 nits without damaging the gray level, matching with calibration technology, it has the great expressive color.
The product is with convenient installation, and flight connectors connecting. Now it has become the most popular fashion elements at the digital stage and bar.
High refresh frequency can meet the requirement of the shooting on the stage, presents the perfect effect.
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