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What are the Advantages of LED Traffic Signal Display Lights
What are the Advantages of LED Traffic Signal Display Lights

At present, the ultra-bright LED replace incandescent lamps, used in traffic lights,warning lights,advertising signs all over the world. Compared with incandescent lamps, the advantages of LED traffic lights are low power consumption,long service life and can greatly increase the brightness,become the ideal light source for traffic lights.
1、 Good visibility:Under continuous light, rain, dust and other adverse weather conditions,the led traffic signal light as the led sign should still have the good visibility. The light of led lights is single, so, it does not need the color film to produce the signal color such as red yellow and green. The light of led module is directional and has some divergence angle, so it can abandon the non-spherical mirror used in the traditional signal lights. This characteristic of led display sign solves the problem of false show and color film in traditional signal light, improves the light effects.
2、Fast reaction: The fast response time of led traffic signal light is shorter than the halogen tungsten lamp bulbs,thereby reducing the traffic accident.
3、Power-saving: In the energy efficiency aspect, the led sign lights have very obvious advantages; one is low energy consumption that is very meaningful to the applications of lights. Almost 100% excitation energy of led traffic signal lights is visible light, but the halogen tungsten lamp bulbs are only 20%.
4、Low heat : Led display sign is replacing electrical energy directly into the light, produce the low heat. The cooling surface of LED traffic signal lights can avoid the scald to the maintenance personnel; get the long using life, as the quality led
5、Long using life: The work environments of traffic lights are pretty bad, so, it high requirements of lights reliability. The average life expectancy of the general lights with incandescent bulbs is 1000h; the average life expectancy of the low-voltage halogen bulb is 2000h, so the maintenance cost is very high. The led sign display has no damage caused by filament shock and few glass rupture problem.
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