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Retail Supermarket Cob Signage Indoor Edge Digital Header Led Shelf Display
--2cm super slim thickness
--modular design to match the standard supermaket shelf
--optional panel size 300*56.25mm, 600mm*56.25mm or 900mm*56.25mm
--easy assemble
--support hot-plug
--support hook type installation
Product features:
1) Smaller pixel pitch: P0.935/ P1.25/P1.5625/P1.875
2) Stronger protection: COB LED chips are welded on the PCB board directly, then do encapsulation. It has excellent protection capabilities.
3) Higher reliability and stability: COB technology has simpler process on material using and producing than SMD, so it has higher performance on heat dissipation to prolong life span.
4) Larger viewing angle: has larger viewing angle and is easy to control the loss of light refraction.

Led shelf video price-tag
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