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What is the difference between a transparent LED display and a conventional LED display
 LED display is widely used in various occasions. With the increase of the number of applications, the disadvantages of ordinary LED display screen blocking light are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to solve this problem, led transparent display screen came into being. Then, what is the difference between LED transparent display screen and ordinary LED display screen?
What is the difference between a transparent LED display and a conventional LED display

Led transparent display screen
1. high light transmittance, beautiful, without affecting indoor lighting
It is well known that conventional SMD displays do not transmit light, which will affect building lighting. The LED transparent display adopts the forward or lateral display technology, which makes it almost impossible to see the indicator light with the naked eye, which greatly improves the transparency, supports machine pasting, and further improves the work efficiency.
2. lightweight design, saving steel structure cost
Ordinary SMD displays are 42kg per square meter, and the screen size is too large, which is a huge challenge to the steel structure of the screen body and the original building structure. Led transparent display screen can be installed vertically and can be installed independently without glass. When installed behind the glass curtain wall, its weight is only 16K g /, which is very lightweight and can be directly connected to the steel structure of the curtain wall under low load requirements.
3. the lamp strip structure can be specially designed
The conventional SMD display is limited by the cuboid structure, the external joints have some defects, and there are matching seams. Dayuan led transparent display can provide perfect contour matching and natural surface transition. The main body of the product screen can support various aliens, such as columns, round tables, triangles and arcs.
4. outdoor screen application, indoor installation, outdoor viewing
SMD ordinary display is installed indoors, which may block the sunlight and line of sight. Led transparent display can provide very stable product performance without external screen application, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, waterproof and UV protection.
5. glass curtain wall, concealed installation, without affecting the shape of the floor
SMD common screens require large-scale steel frame structures during construction, which takes a long time and has a certain impact on the appearance and beauty of buildings. The LED transparent display is configured in a small amount during installation, which can be easily connected to the wall and improve the overall appearance without damaging the wall.
6. easy maintenance, hot plug support, lamp pole maintenance
Most of the general screen physical problems of SMD are the subsequent maintenance process, or the disassembly and maintenance of the entire module or box. The LED transparent display only needs to replace one light bar, which is simple and fast to operate and reduces the maintenance cost.
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