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Why the price of digital LED electronic video screen is not stable
In recent years, with the wide application of LED electronic screen, LED electronic screen project as a system project, many customers are not particularly clear about the cost of LED electronic screen project, general customers' quotation for LED electronic screen is simply understood as the price of LED electronic screen, which is not accurate. , professional to provide customers with a complete solution, below to introduce the specific situation of LED electronic screen quotation.
The quotation of LED electronic screen mainly includes the following parts:
(1) LED electronic screen body part;
(2) LED electronic panel control system;
(3) LED electronic panel auxiliary equipment (including control computer, LED electronic panel intelligent distribution cabinet, lightning arrester, speaker power amplifier, air conditioner or cooling fan, etc.);
(4) LED electronic screen steel structure, decoration and construction;
(5) LED electronic panel wiring, installation and commissioning training;
(6) Transportation cost of LED electronic screen;
Why the price of digital LED electronic video screen is not stable
Today, I'd like to explain the quotation part of LED electronic digital video panel project in the quotation of LED electronic panel, mainly including the steel structure welding and construction of LED electronic panel, LED electronic panel decoration, LED electronic panel wiring, etc.
First, the price of the electronic panel fixed civil engineering foundation project consists of the earth excavation and backfilling, concrete, reinforcement and other materials, machinery and labor costs.
The quotation of this part is based on the volume of earthwork and concrete, i.e. yuan / m3, the weight of reinforcement, i.e. yuan / ton, and the number of days for construction, i.e. yuan / man day. The general valuation can be unified as the volume valuation of reinforced concrete, which can be valued between 800-1200 yuan. If the volume is large, the price will go down. According to experience, the volume of civil foundation is generally equal to the screen area of the upper part. For example, the basic volume of 50 square screen is about 50 square meters. The actual parameters need to be designed by a professional design institute.
Second, the price of electronic screen steel structure frame consists of steel material, steel material reprocessing, welding labor, auxiliary material cost.
The quotation of steel material and material reprocessing is based on weight, i.e. yuan / ton, and the quotation of welding labor is based on days, i.e. yuan / man day. The general valuation can be unified as the weight valuation of steel materials, i.e. yuan / ton. The steel material is generally 4000-5000 yuan / ton (adjusted according to the market price), the reprocessing is generally 700-1500 yuan / ton (adjusted according to the reprocessing method), the welding labor is generally 2500-4000 yuan / ton, and the auxiliary material is about 400 yuan / ton, so the general steel structure construction is 8000-9500 yuan / ton (excluding reprocessing). In the LED electronic screen project, the general frame weight can be estimated as 0.15t/m2. If the column is installed, the column body is estimated as 0.4t/m2, and the double column is doubled.
Third, the price of electronic screen decoration project consists of decoration materials, decoration labor and auxiliary materials.
The quotation of decoration materials and auxiliary materials is based on the area, i.e. yuan / m2, and the quotation of decoration labor is based on the days, i.e. yuan / man day. The general valuation can be unified as the area valuation of decoration materials, i.e. yuan / m2. Generally, the decoration of aluminum-plastic plate is 400-600 yuan / m2. The LED electronic screen is like a hexahedron. As long as all its surface areas are calculated minus the display area, it is the decorative area, plus 15% of the processing loss, it is the final area.
Fourth, the price structure of strong and weak current wiring engineering of electronic screen includes the cost of cable, pipeline trunking, installation of pipeline trunking, paying off labor, etc.
Cable, pipeline trunking and their installation are all quoted in terms of length, i.e. yuan / m, and pay off labor is quoted in terms of days, i.e. yuan / man day. Generally, the evaluation can be unified as the calculation of wiring length. Because there are many price specifications of conduit and trunking and the installation methods are different, this part of the quotation is difficult to be calculated by experience and can only be calculated in practice. In the actual project, the trunking can generally be calculated according to the weak current project that has been laid out, if the construction can only be done according to the actual calculation. There are many specifications of strong current cables, and the market price changes greatly, so the cables with large cross-section shall be placed in place by Party A in advance. In weak current cables, 8-core network wires are generally valued at 5 yuan / m, shielded flexible wires are generally valued at 10 yuan / m, and optical fibers are generally valued at 6 yuan / m. For each end of optical fiber, additional material cost of 300 yuan is required
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